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Auditable Change Management release
28 July 2022
Auditable Change Management
Codenotary announces the release of a new product: Auditable Change…
A Jenkins shared library to execute commands with vcn, our CLI tool
20 July 2022
Learn how to reuse code in continuous integration pipelines with…
Metrics & Logs support for IoT - Bringing Secure Monitoring and Logging to the Edge
7 July 2022
Metrics and Logs
Simple uptime monitoring for Internet-of-Things (IoT) is well-known and requires…
A GitHub Action to download and use our enterprise tool vcn in CI
3 July 2022
Recently, we at Codenotary released a new version of a…
Serious security vulnerabilities in Atlassian Confluence affect many organizations
6 June 2022
Last weekend was all about releasing fixes for a major…
Notarizing Container images using JFrog's API
1 June 2022
Trust is a journey and not a state that lasts…
Community Attestation Service (CAS) named SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week
21 May 2022
We are thrilled to see that CAS has been named…
Always know about the dependency of your Pods - here comes SBOM operator for Kubernetes
17 May 2022
Some months ago Christian Kotzbauer started a community project called…
Independent Cryptographic Validators for CAS
27 April 2022
Today we are proud to announce that two leading Open…
The rise of supply chain attacks
5 April 2022
Supply chain attacks are on the rise. Why are they…
Technology Executive Alan Fudge Joins Codenotary Board of Directors
9 March 2022
Brings extensive experience building partner networks in the technology industry…
Dirty Pipe, a new vulnerability
9 March 2022
On March 7th a new bad vulnerability was publicly disclosed,…
Get a Handle on Your Software Supply Chain
8 March 2022
Have you been thinking about your software supply chain security…
It's Go Time!
7 March 2022
Go Time 219: Why immutable databases? – Listen on Our…
Use Google Sheets Apps Script to track Open Source GitHub and Docker statistics
2 March 2022
If you run and maintain an Open Source project you'll…

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