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SCM, Container Registries, Vulnerability database, EPSS databases

Source Code Management

Support for all leading SCM platforms, GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, JFrog Artifactory

Container Registry

No matter if you use a public registry like Dockerhub, Google Cloud Registry, or a private Harbor registry, we got you covered.

Development languages

Java, Python, Node.js, .Net, Go, Rust, PHP and more are supported out of the box.

Container Base Image

Alpine, Debian, Ubuntu, AlmaLinux, Microsoft Windows or distroless container images are on our list of supported Base images.

Vulnerability databases

Automatically and continuously analyze your source code, base images, and packages using our built-in databases. NVD, GitHub, OSV, VulnDB or Snyk.

Code signing and timestamp

.Using immudb, GPG and/or sigstore, your source code, your container images and you application binaries are always verifiable.

Application development with peace of mind