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Full understanding, pervasive tracking, and policy enforcement
to build and deploy trusted applications.

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Everyday questions. Simple answers.

Am I only using trusted components in my apps?

Are we excluding unverified components from our containers?

How can I secure my docker containers from Solarwinds-like attacks?

How can I find all occurrences of future log4J-like rogue artifacts?

How can I protect from Solarwinds-like attacks?

What % of developers sign commits?

Do I have an unbroken chain of provenance for all my appications?

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  • Monitor the security exposure of your DevOps environment
  • Monitor your compliance with security standards
  • Real-time risk scoring of your application environment
  • Alerts point to the exact questionable component in your stack


  • Visualize and understand inter-component dependencies
  • Continuous mitigation of security exposure in your apps
  • Seamless integration with modern DevOps and DevSecOps tools and languages
  • Calculate and track your software risk score over time and across projects


  • Visualization of SBOMs, Vulnerabilities, and Risk Scores
  • Access to Continuously Updated SBOMs.
  • Central Exchange for SBOMs
  • Insight into Your Software's Ingredients

Monitor & protect your applications against:

  • Unauthorized access to the supply chain can lead to malicious actors tampering with software components, introducing malicious software, or leveraging supply chain components to gain access to other parts of the network.
  • Lack of visibility into the supply chain can make it difficult to identify malicious actors, potential supply chain security vulnerabilities, or suspicious activities.
  • Unknown sources of software components can introduce a range of security risks, including malicious code, backdoors, or malicious actors.
  • Outdated or unpatched software can contain a range of security vulnerabilities that can be exploited by malicious actors.
  • Unvalidated code can introduce a range of security risks, including malicious code, backdoors, or malicious actors.

Total DevOps protection

One-stop service to extract, track, monitor and enforce software components of your mission critical applications


Total software compliance.

No matter if software is developed or consumed, meet compliance standards like:

  • SLSA, Supply chain Levels for Software Artifacts.
  • NIST SSDF, Secure Software Development Framework
  • CIS Benchmarks