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Prioritized to-do list to secure your apps

Complete and continuous visibility into your DevOps security exposures

Application security exposure monitoring

Monitor the security exposure of your DevOps environment

Real-time risk monitoring of internal and external code (reachability and exploitability)

Component risk monitoring (SBOM + VEX)

List of priorities to secure your apps

Software security posture monitoring

Comply with industry regulations like European CRA

Focus on relevant vulnerabilities

When you have thousands of applications and millions of components it is important to uniquely identify those that are unsafe or broken, and react quickly


Focus on DevSecOps

Enhance Security, Compliance, and Performance Across Your Development, Security, and Operations Pipelines

Ensure your DevOps systems adhere to industry standards and best practices

Detect vulnerabilities and threats in real-time across your entire DevOps pipeline to minimize risks and protect sensitive data

Automate compliance checks and reporting to ensure adherence to industry standards and regulatory requirements

Foster collaboration between development, security, and operations teams with a unified monitoring platform for enhanced visibility and communication

What Our Customers Say

How Guardian Transforms DevOps for Our Valued Clients

"Guardian has streamlined our DevOps processes, helping us identify and resolve security risks more efficiently. The integrations with our existing tools have made it easy to adopt." - DevOps Manager, Financial Services Industry

"Being able to start tracking our applications without adding any active dependency was key to picking the solution. It greatly improved our speed to remove vulnerable applications from our runtime." - DevOps Team Lead, E-commerce Industry

"The powerful search capabilities makes it easy for us to find components and their location." - Director of IT Security, Healthcare Industry

Some of our integrations