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Joining the Snyk Technology Alliance Partner Program

When we first found out about Snyk’s Technology Alliance Partner Program (TAPP), we realized it provided a fantastic opportunity to expand our solution offerings and give our clients a developer-friendly way to solve their most pressing security challenges in our new digital world.

Therefore, we joined the Snyk TAPP as a Select member.

Application development has changed, and development teams have begun adopting a model of rapid and frequent deployments to support the pace of innovation demanded by digital transformation. From an application security perspective, this means scaling through DevSecOps and supporting developer-first security.

Snyk is unique in the industry as it is the only developer security solution that enables businesses to build security into their continuous development process. We’re excited to join Snyk TAPP as a Select member and collaborate on new solutions that will help our customers adopt a security-first mindset as quickly and easily as possible.

“We’re excited to welcome Codenotary to our Technology Alliance Partner Program,” said Jill Wilkins, Sr. Director, Global Alliances, at Snyk. “We recognize that our partners are eager to extend our platform and go-to-market with new Snyk solutions as their business grows and customers’ security needs evolve. Snyk TAPP gives Codenotary access to Snyk resources and self-serve tools to accelerate technical and sales training, GTM enablement and joint selling.”

Alongside exclusive and early-release access to Snyk functionality and new products, we are also able to help our customers protect their essential digital initiatives through technical support, developer collaboration, and business strategy implementation.

Learn more about Snyk’s TAPP and check out the Codenotary Trustcenter/Teams that already provides a Snyk integration.