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Easy to deploy, Easy to use: Trustcenter/Teams provides trust and integrity enforcement for your Dev Team.


Protect your software project with:

  • component discovery
  • dependency tracking
  • SBOM generation with centralized storage
  • continuous vulnerability scanning
  • on-premises or cloud

Some of our integrations

Know your components

Your applications export their own SBOMs automatically

  • Maintain an open-source list with continuous updates to Trustcenter TrueSBOM®
  • Keep an eye on all the open source components in your software and their dependencies
  • Know where each component is from

Track license compliance

Manage software supply chain security with license compliance

  • Identify which components are using which open source licenses with Trustcenter TrueSBOM®
  • Detect license non-compliance in advance and save time
  • Automatic updates ensures continuous compliance

Risk by Project

See and manage the risk of each important project immediately after it has been scanned. Vulnerabilities, Exploitability, and check its last usage and update.


Risk and Trustlevel by component

Manage the trust level of wanted, unwanted and to-be-replaced components in real-time and share that information with other members in or outside of your team.

Component dependencies of a Project

Detect and view all components of a project in a dependency tree. Searching for nested dependencies was never easier.


Prioritize, Re-assess and manage VEX

It's highly important to re-assess the risk of any of your projects as the exploitability can change at any time. Make sure to work with your vendors VEX information to mitigate risk and suppress false positives.


Interested in Trustcenter/Teams? We'd love to hear from you!