SBOM Management Platform for your application silos

No. 1 in Commercial Deployments

Reduce cost to identify and remove unwanted artifacts like Log4j by up to 90%

Expose security issues earlier and lower remediation costs by up to 80%

Improve your SLSA score and monitor your Risk Score

Know your components

Your applications export their own SBOMs automatically

Know what's exploitable

Quickly search and spot any open source components in your software and know the risk scores

Track license compliance

Manage software supply chain security with license compliance

Map your component journey

From CI/CD pipeline to apps to production

Release with peace of mind

With the Trustcenter TrueSBOM®, always know the risk score of every software component

Trusted DevOps & CI/CD using Trustcenter

Trustcenter enables any organisation, developer, automation engineer, DevOps engineer to secure all stages of a CI/CD pipeline. Attestation (Notarization & Authentication) of every step in your pipeline including vulnerability scanner results and evidence in a tamper-proof and immutable service enables you to reach Level 3 & 4 of the SLSA (Supply-chain Levels for Software Artifacts) standard.

Monitor your risk exposure

  • Scan for known vulnerabilities at any time, for 10 thousand or 100 million artifacts
  • Continuous vulnerability scanning at scale

Background-check your components

  • Instantly identify what is yours and what isn’t
  • Create and securely store TrueSBOM®, any language, any container with immutable storage

Comply with license requirements

  • Enforce compliance at every stage of your software build and deploy pipeline
  • Build, Deployment, Runtime for CI/CD and Kubernetes


Seamlessly integrated with the most actively used cloud-native CI/CD systems

Built with trust and immutability in mind

Based on open source immudb, our highspeed, immutable store. Protect your DevOps against geopolitical Cyberattack risk.

Strong deployment enforcement

Quickly identify and remove Docker containers and Kubernetes deployments built with untrusted components

Simple and fast CI/CD integration

Ultra-fast and simple integration with all your existing languages and CI/CD

Stay compliant with the Cyber-Security Executive Order

Attach tamperproof SBOMs for your apps, Docker containers and Kubernetes deployments and make them instantly visible to your customers, auditors and compliance professionals


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