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Trustcenter 4.0 with New Machine Learning Guided Search Engine

Company signs Swiss bank customer to improve its software security; Partners with Essentx to help enterprise customers prioritize and address software security issues

Codenotary, leaders in software supply chain protection, today announced Trustcenter 4.0 with sophisticated capabilities to manage data in the VEX (Vulnerability Exploitability eXchange) format with a newly-designed search engine guided by machine learning (ML).

With the latest Trustcenter, vulnerability information contained in VEX can be analyzed more effectively, enabling organizations to prioritize and address security issues in their software.

The new version of Trustcenter is being deployed at a top tier Swiss bank where Codenotary is working in partnership with Essentx AG, the leading cloud security service provider for the German-language market in Europe, which builds its risk management solution using Trustcenter.

“Codenotary's forward-thinking and collaborative approach with us has proven immensely valuable, fostering a highly efficient partnership,” said Roman Stössel, CEO, Essentx AG. “The integration with Trustcenter perfectly complements our SaaS to enable precise risk scoring and advanced risk management within the software supply chain.”

“I am pleased with the expansion of our already significant customer base in the German and Swiss markets and with the new release of Trustcenter 4.0 and addition of specialist partners like Essentx to our growing family of Codenotary partners, we expect even greater things in the future,” said Moshe Bar, co-founder and CEO, Codenotary.

Trustcenter is deployed across enterprise organizations in the U.S. and Europe, especially regulated businesses and large enterprises, such as banks and government organizations.

Trustcenter delivers code signing, provenance checks, attestation, and effective management of SBOMs (Software Bill of Materials) for a vast array of software development artifacts, offering valuable vulnerability insights and VEX information. Then, Trustcenter creates risk exposure scoring, vulnerability insights and VEX information for development compliance officers and auditors to improve the overall security of the software supply chain.