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The Case for a Centralized SBOM Management Platform to develop and/or deploy secure software

An SBOM (Software Bill of Materials) solution is essential in today's software development and supply chain management practices for several reasons. With the increasing complexity of software development and the reliance on third-party components, it is crucial to have visibility into the software supply chain and all of its artifacts. 

An SBOM solution provides a comprehensive inventory of all components used in a software application, including their versions and dependencies. This helps identify any vulnerable or outdated components that may pose security risks.


This becomes evident when we look at vulnerability management for your software. Software vulnerabilities are discovered regularly, and it is important to promptly address them to minimize the risk of exploitation. An SBOM solution enables organizations to quickly identify which components are affected by a particular vulnerability and take appropriate actions, such as applying patches or replacing the vulnerable components. 

By having a clear understanding of the software components, their dependencies and their location, organizations can proactively manage risks associated with software supply chain disruptions, such as component discontinuation, vendor vulnerabilities, or license changes. An SBOM solution like our SBOMcenter platform (  enables organizations to identify alternative components or plan for necessary updates or replacements.


Furthermore, today many industries have specific compliance and regulatory requirements related to software security and supply chain management. An SBOM solution helps organizations demonstrate compliance by providing a detailed record of the software components used, their origins, and any associated security vulnerabilities or licensing obligations.

It’s no wonder that 76% of enterprise IT organizations are planning to adopt an SBOM strategy within 2024, according to Gartner. 

However, producing an SBOM for your application is the easy part. There are myriads of tools that allow one to produce an SBOM for a given application. The real challenge is where to store those SBOMs and how to derive value from them. 

Having a central Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) repository offers several advantages, such as improved visibility into your apps. A central SBOM repository provides a single source of truth for all software components used in an organization. It allows for better visibility into the software supply chain, enabling organizations to track and manage dependencies more effectively.

There are also clear security advantages. By maintaining a central SBOM repository, organizations can easily identify and track vulnerabilities in their software components. This helps in prioritizing and addressing security patches and updates, reducing the risk of potential security breaches.

A central SBOM repository such as  also simplifies compliance management by providing a comprehensive inventory of all software components used in an organization. This makes it easier to ensure compliance with licensing requirements, open-source software obligations, and other regulatory standards.

With a central SBOM repository, organizations can efficiently manage software updates and patches. It enables them to quickly identify which components must be updated or replaced, reducing the time and effort required for maintenance tasks.

Perhaps the greatest immediate advantage lies in collaboration and knowledge sharing.  A central SBOM repository promotes collaboration and knowledge sharing within an organization. It allows different teams to access and share information about software components, facilitating better communication and coordination.

A central SBOM repository provides organizations with better visibility, enhanced security, streamlined maintenance, improved compliance management, and effective risk mitigation in their software supply chain.

Start using SBOMcenter today and move towards vastly improved software supply chain protection!