TechStrong TV interviews Dennis Zimmer about securing Software Supply Chain

Techstrong Group Interview

Watch Michael Vizard from the Techstrong Group interviewing our CTO Dennis Zimmer about the current state of software protection and software supply chain protection.

  • Track and trace all components in your software from source to production
  • Importance of Software Bill of Materials (SBOM)
  • Use SBOMs in combination with the provenance information
  • Immutable platforms are the core of any modern software supply chain protection
  • SBOM standards are important when it comes to Open Source, Closed Source and Collaboration
  • Solarwinds, Log4J are just symptoms of a bigger problem
  • Digitally signed software should not be confused with trusted software
  • At what stage are SMBs and Enterprises today when it comes to automation, CI/CD software pipelines, vulnerability scanning and Software supply chain protection
  • Store vulnerability and compliance scanner results with the artifacts


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