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Greg Schulz wrote an interesting article about IT data center and data infrastructure dashboard options also taking a look at Opvizor

Here is the link to Greg’s article, please scroll down for more information and some dashboards for a quick overview about our solution.

Thanks Greg for your article and also mentioning Opvizor Performance Analyzer – to monitor all important KPIs of your environment, start your 30 day trial today!

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Why thinking about Software Defined Management Dashboards?

This was Greg’s consideration:

Without insight and awareness you are flying blind, how can you make informed decisions about your information factory, data infrastructures, data center along with applications. There are different focus areas for various audiences up and down the stack layers in data infrastructures and data centers. Key is having insight and awareness including knowing what are some different tool options.

Dashboard Discussions

Keep in mind however that there are many different types of dashboards (and consoles), some are active along with analytics including correlation, others are passive simply displaying. The focus area also various from physical data center facilities, to applications, to data infrastructures or components such as servers, storage, I/O networks, clouds, virtual, containers among others modern data centers.

This is where some context comes into play as there are different types of dashboards for various audience, technology and focus areas (e.g. domains) across data infrastructure (and other entities). For example do a google search of “dashboard” and see what appears, or “IT dashboard”, “data center dashboard” vs. “data center dashboard” among others.


Photo courtesy of Greg Schulz

Data Infrastructures (hardware, software, services, servers, storage, I/O and networks)

VM Highlights Dashboard

Some more interesting links regarding this topic:

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