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Risks Of Not Understanding The Software Bill Of Materials

Watch the full interview of Swapnil Bhartiva and Dennis Zimmer, CTO Codenotary

Understanding the code powering one’s services and products has always been critical to the security, reliability, and reputation of that company. There is now a renewed interest around understanding the software supply chain and bill of materials, thanks to the Biden Administration’s Executive Order, which Dennis Zimmer, CTO of Codenotary, believes will make the software supply chain and bill of materials a global phenomenon. But what exactly is the software supply chain, what is the bill of materials and why does it matter to any company that offers software-based products and services? Here is an in-depth discussion on the topic with Zimmer. I hope you will enjoy the show.

Here are some of the topics we covered in this show:

  • What does Codemotary do?
  • What is the software supply chain and bill of materials?
  • Risks of not understanding your software supply chain?
  • How much awareness is already there about the software supply chain and bill of materials?
  • What kind of solutions does Codenotary have for organizations?
  • What is the impact of the Biden administration’s EO on the cultural shift towards the software supply chain?
  • Global impact of Biden’s EO.