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As we work more and more with Photon OS, we encounter typical system administrator tasks, but are used to Debian or Ubuntu.

So here comes a guideline to resize the Photon OS system disk (first disk of the virtual machine). Its pretty simple and straightforward.

1) Increase the virtual disk

Resize Photon OS system disk

Hint: When the menu is greyed out, there is a snapshot active! You need to delete the snapshot to extend the disk.

2) Rescan the SCSI Bus

echo 1 > /sys/class/block/sda/device/rescan

3) check the new disk size using

fdisk -l

check disk size

4) Install parted

tdnf update

tdnf install parted

Install parted

5) Resize the partition

Resize Photon OS partition

parted commands:

  1. parted /dev/sda
  2. print
  3. resizepart 2 100%
  4. quit

6) Resize the filesystem

resize2fs /dev/sda2

All done and the partition is resized and fully usable. You can check using df -h