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Customer Feedback - Codenotary


Earlier this week, I had a quick phone call with a new user, Nathan Nguyen, about how he was getting along with using Codenotary. Nathan works in the finance industry though he asked us not to name his company at this time. It was great to hear such positive feedback and means a lot to us. Giving Codenotary users the utmost confidence in their digital assets and is exactly what we set out to do from day one. Below is our conversation with Nathan.



Codenotary: How did you first hear about Codenotary?


Nathan Nguyen: I came across you guys for the first time recently in a HackerNoon article, “The Day We Started to Protect DevOps with Blockchain”.


I’ve always had a fascination for blockchain and its real-world applications, especially beyond its currency like usages. And I hadn’t heard of any other blockchain apps specifically for DevOps. So it piqued my curiosity.


CN: What attracted you to wanting to try out Codenotary for yourself?


NN: Well it was a couple of things. I’ve been in DevOps for a while and am always trying to keep an eye out for what could raise my level of knowledge, make my job easier, or even something that might be beneficial to my manager or the team. And since lately my company has been really gearing up for Cyber-Security month, doing a lot of internal awareness-raising, encouraging us to start thinking more about security when we’re building out, etc., it was all a kind of perfect storm I guess you could say.


CN: How was the initial setup for you?


NN: Downloading it and setting it up was pretty easy and straightforward following the how to get started video you have on YouTube. I was up and running in probably about 15 minutes but that was more because I looking around a lot.


CN: What was it like notarizing your first asset? Did you have any expectations?


NN: Sort of but not really. I was more holding off on forming an opinion until I had gone through the [notarization and authentication] process entirely.


CN: After going through both sides of the process, did you have a better idea of how you could use Codenotary?


NN: Yes, very much so. After authenticating my first container, I really started realizing what it could do. I like not having to worry about unknown code getting inserted into my files, /images/blog, git commits, etc. The fact that the authentication is decentralized against the blockchain, and not just [the company’s] or 3rd party’s database is great. I know a lot of devs who don’t care about that stuff and just want to get their code to prod, but I like knowing what I push is clean and that I’m not helping to propagate anything malicious. Plus, since the app can be automated, it basically means that after the initial setup I don’t have to worry about it. So I get more time to build, which I’d rather be doing anyway.


CN: That’s great! Have you shared it with anyone else in your company?


NN: Shared it with my manager.


CN: What did he say?


NN: He appreciated me mentioning it. I’m new at the company so I don’t think he expected that from me. He said it sounded pretty interesting and discovered the multi-notarization and itemized revocation features, which he really liked and thought would be useful for our cross-team workflows.


CN: Have you heard back from him yet?


NN: Not yet, but will let you know as soon as I do.


CN: Please do. Is there anything else you think we should know about or would like to add?


NN: No. Not really. I like what you guys built. It makes my day easier and it’s applying blockchain to DevOps. That’s pretty cool.



It’s great to know Codenotary is being so well regarded. We love hearing stories from our users like Nathan. If you have a story you’d like to share, get in touch with us!


If you’d like to try out Codenotary for yourself, follow the link below.


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