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Codenotary’s Redefining Software Security for 100,000 Projects


As a testament to its rapid growth and wide adoption, Codenotary's service has achieved a significant milestone, now safeguarding over 100,000 unique software projects. This milestone is not just a numerical feat but an indicator of the industry's recognition of the critical role played by the Software Bill of Materials (SBOMs) in fortifying software security and supply chain integrity.

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Enhancing Software Security with

In software development, security and transparency have emerged as non-negotiable factors. Since its inception, has addressed one of the most pressing challenges: ensuring the security and integrity of software projects. By providing developers with the tools to seamlessly create, share, and scrutinize SBOMs, has started to redefine how vulnerabilities are identified and mitigated, offering a more proactive approach to software security.

Key Features Behind Success

The success of can be attributed to its user-focused features which are crafted to empower developers and organizations in their continual efforts toward more robust software security:

1. Free Online Service: extends a welcoming hand to developers, offering a frictionless pathway to acquaint themselves with SBOMs and embark on the path toward NIST 800-218 security standard compliance. Devoid of the need for any difficult software installation or specialized tools, developers can readily harness the power of to elevate the security posture of their projects.

2. Ease of Use: With its intuitive user interface and streamlined processes, has moved past the barriers obstructing the adoption of comprehensive software security measures. Developers, irrespective of their proficiency levels, can effortlessly create and manage SBOMs, seamlessly integrating them into their development workflows.

3. Comprehensive Vulnerability Checks: equips developers with robust vulnerability assessment tools. By meticulously identifying vulnerabilities in both direct and indirect dependencies, it empowers them with the insights needed to make informed decisions and effectively mitigate risks.

4. Community and Collaboration: cultivates a vibrant ecosystem where developers come together to exchange knowledge and best practices in software security. This collaborative ethos not only promotes innovation but also accelerates the collective journey toward a more secure software landscape.

5. No Installation Required: streamlines user experience by eliminating the need for local installation of software or vulnerability scanners. With its browser-based UI and RESTful API, ensures seamless execution of tasks, unfettered by the shackles of installation woes.

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Testimonials Speak Volumes

The efficacy and ease of integration offered by are truly captured in the testimonials of its satisfied users. 

Przemyslaw Kaczynski, an Open Source Developer, praises the simplicity and efficiency of's Github action in continuously scanning repositories for vulnerabilities and delivering timely notifications. 

The importance of this efficacy is further captured in what our team has to say about the solution.

Dennis Zimmer, CTO of Codenotary, underscores the indispensability of a continuous, up-to-date service like in identifying and addressing vulnerabilities in software dependencies.

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In conclusion, Codenotary's has not only achieved a remarkable milestone of safeguarding over 100,000 software projects but has also become a pivotal marker in the field of innovation and collaboration in the realm of software security. Through its user-friendly interface, robust vulnerability assessment tools, and unwavering commitment to community engagement, has emerged as a versatile solution, empowering developers and organizations to navigate the complexities of software security with confidence and ease. Social Preview

As we look towards the future, stands poised to continue its journey of redefining industry standards, building trust, and ensuring the integrity of software ecosystems worldwide. With Codenotary's steadfast dedication and's pioneering spirit, the horizon of software security shines brighter than ever before.

About Codenotary

Codenotary stands as a source of trust and integrity, offering end-to-end cryptographic tracking and provenance solutions. Trusted by the biggest banks in the U.S. and Europe, Codenotary's tamper-proof bill of materials enables users to instantaneously identify untrusted components in their software builds. With seamless integration with modern CI/CD platforms and the remarkable capability to process millions of transactions per second, Codenotary emerges as an easy choice for organizations seeking immutable and client-verifiable security solutions. 

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