Dear community, immudb v0.9.2 has just been released. Highlights immudb gRPC API now support streams. The Go SDK provides the methods Stream* to perform streaming operations. Eg. StreamSet, StreamGet In the past, immudb returned the last indexed transaction by default. As the indexing was asynchronous, the returned data it may not be the last inserted …

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Happy New Year to everyone! immudb v0.9.0 has officially been released! Thanks to the community to support us testing our release candidates, sending in valuable feedback and some bug reports. Everything has been implemented and fixed and 2021 starts with immudb 0.9! Our new embeddable cryptographic-proof storage engine has been thoroughly tested and has shown …

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Release v0.9.0 – parallel notarizations, wildcard support, Ledger Compliance support We’re more than happy to announce the v0.9.0 release of vcn. The latest news around the Solarwinds hack and the addition of malicious code to software updates (incl. valid code signing) shows again the importance of solid alternatives to digital signatures. This release adds: parallel …

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Release v0.8.0 – atomic multi-key operations, cryptographic root signing and new SDKs The release sets the basis to support complex use cases with an enhanced security model: Atomic multi-key insertion: all entries are applied or none. Built-in atomicity provides the support needed to deal with multiple entities or complex entities mapped into several keys. Cryptographic …

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Release v0.7.0 – multi-database support, more resilience, even better performance, improved documentation immudb is getting faster and stronger! This release brings new features, even better performance and more resilience to immudb! Summary of the most relevant points: Multi-database support (you can run many databases with one immudb server to separate data or to provide multi-tenancy) …

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Dear community. immudb has just been released as v0.6.2 Release v0.6.2 fixes some important bugs and has many improvements – we recommend updating to it Bug Fixes require auth for admin commands even if auth is disabled on server, do not allow admin user to be deactivated base64 decoding of passwords: now it requires the …

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Dear community. immudb has just been released as v0.6.1 Release v0.6.1 fixes some important bugs and has many improvements – we recommend updating to it Changelog [v0.6.1] – 2020-06-09 Bug Fixes disallow running immuadmin backup with current directory as source immuadmin dump hangs indefinitely if token is invalid #283, immudb crash on dump of empty …

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