​ ​ immudb v1.1.0 is officially released and you will love it! Many of the features included in this release were requested and discussed by community members, to whom we’re grateful for all the interaction and contributions! Today’s release includes a more matured and robust SQL engine, built-in replication, stable cloud storage capabilities, among many …

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The CodeNotary team is excited to announce the release of version 1.0 of its immutable database immudb, now with support for SQL and the new TimeTravel(™) feature. immudb is the first database to provide tamper-evident data management, immutable history and client-cryptographic proof. Every change is preserved and can’t be changed without clients noticing. Clients do …

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What is eBPF? eBPF has gained lot of momentum in the last years. The reason is that it brings to the Linux Kernel what Javascript is to a Web browser and what Lua did to game engines. By turning the Linux Kernel into a re-programmable system, solutions around networking, security and observability can be implemented …

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It can be so easy to store syslog data immutable using the immudb database. You only need a few lines of bash scripting and all log lines are automatically tracked in a tamper-proof way. Watch the full video here:

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