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See at one sight, which Virtual Machines suffer from performance problems. Drill for CPU, Memory, Storage and Network Details.


Have an eye on your hosts – is there an overloaded hosts? Track all important metrics over time, so that you can respond to incidents.


Make a deep analysis of Virtual Machines, Hosts, Datastores, Network: How was performance at a certain point in time? See NUMA issues whit Opvizor, you would otherwise only see in ESXTOP right when they happen.


Make an in depth analysis for Latency, IOPS and Block sizes on your storage. See your read/write mix and have the numbers for optimizing your storage. Explore from VM side, host side, datastore side or see the picture from your storage system.


Have an Overview over your complete infrastructure, set Alarms where needed. See current and historic data and compare over time.


Make forecasts for your infrastructure. When will you need the next hardware upgrade, and are you currently still within operational limits?


Watch also your network hardware: Are there any ports producing errors? Is your network overloaded? Who causes excess traffic?


Watch VM Migrations: When was a virtual machine migrated and to which host?


Monitor MSSQL-Server performance over time – see CPU and Memory, and many specific details.

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