CodeNotary Ledger Compliance®

With CodeNotary Ledger Compliance® you can start keeping a tamper-proof and indelible ledger for your mission-critical and sensitive applications. Whether you use Java, Node.js, Python, Go, .NET, on-premise or in the cloud, CodeNotary Ledger Compliance® processes millions of transactions per second reliably and with cryptographic verification.
Get CodeNotary Ledger Compliance® up and running in no time

Demo Container

10GB storage
100,000 transactions per second
1 ledger

Virtual Appliance

Or direct install
No storage limit
No transactions limit
5 ledgers
Starting at 1200 $/month

Hardware Appliance

No storage limit
No transactions limit
Unlimited ledgers
Cryptographic Hardware Accelerator
Tamper-resistant smart card
Blockchain-protected audit dumps
Blockchain-protected backup/restore
Managed service
24/7 support

CodeNotary Ledger Compliance features

Transactional integrity
Batch operations
Cryptographic verification