Tamperproof audit trail of all configuration changes (SW and HW) in your VMware vSphere environment

Track what’s happening in your VMware vSphere and its components

including ESXi hosts, VMs, and key applications (Oracle DB and Java, SAP, Microsoft SQL)

and more...

Detailed reports, ad-hoc or scheduled

Never miss a change or violation. Fully auditable change tracking using PDF reports.

Deploy it wherever needed

On-premises or Cloud, one virtual appliance! vCSA managed or Standalone ESXi hosts.

Match licenses with VM or ESXi changes

Proof changes or no-changes to vendors.

Alerts on critical changes

Custom alerts on virtual machine or ESXi changes that can cause license violation and other

How it works?

Quick and Easy.



.ova files

Connect vCenter

one (or many) VMware vCenter

Infrastructure Overview

ESXi Changes

Virtual Machine Changes

Visual Warnings & Alerts

Audit Reports

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