Inside Sales Representative

Full Time

Our enterprise trust and integrity solutions company needs an experienced Inside Sales Representative to join the team. This position involves reaching out to customers, conducting webinars, issuing quotes, and guiding customers through the purchasing process. The Inside Sales Representative will be responsible for handling customer inquiries promptly and effectively in a fast-paced, international, team-oriented startup environment. Our technology is novel, therefore we need experienced salespeople who can introduce customers to a new solution and find use cases within the enterprise customer’s environment.

CodeNotary is the leading company for trusted CI/CD. We bring trust and integrity into the DevOps process by providing end-to-end cryptographically verifiable tracking and provenance for all artifacts, actions, and dependencies.

Our software solution can be used on-premise or in the cloud, is always easy to use and can process millions of transactions a second with cryptographic verification of no-tampering. The core engine of Codenotary Cloud® is open-source immudb, the world’s fastest immutable database.


  • A strong can-do attitude and ability to autonomously get things done
  • A strong customer orientation and commitment to customer success
  • Strong ability to represent concepts, as well as summarize and communicate complex ideas with a sense of how sales professionals think, operate, and absorb training
  • Ability to work under pressure, highly adaptable, and well organized
  • Creativity, curiosity, passion for problem solving
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong listening and presentation skills
  • An adequate education (e.g. college, university) 
  • 3+ years proven inside sales experience
  • Track record of over-achieving quota
  • Working knowledge of software sales cycles and processes
  • Technological background is a plus

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