As expected, VMware Europe was a buzz of announcement, exciting keynote speeches, and amazing news in the world of networking. The event was held at the elegant Fira Gran Via in Barcelona, Spain, which is one of the largest and most sophisticated venues in all of Europe. It turned out to be the biggest VMworld yet, featuring more than 250 unique sessions, over 135 partners, and better than 10,000 attendees from all over the globe. Among the announcements came an in-depth explanation of VMware’s Project Michigan.

What’s Project Michigan?

Latest on VMware Project Michigan

Disaster Recovery services are just part of what Project Michigan has to bring to the VMware table.

Project Michigan is a new technology that will allow enterprises to deploy a secure gateway across VMware’s public cloud service, vCloud Air. The project will include a variety of enterprise-grade services, including Disaster Recovery and Dedicated Cloud. Project Michigan will support VM migration, as well as network and policy extension, via the Hybrid Cloud Manager. It boasts impressively low downtime and is able to be used to whirl up thousands of virtual machines with the same level of security and connectivity as an onsite private data center.

What Else Did VMware Unveil at VMware Europe?

Along with the announcements surrounding Project Michigan, VMware used the European event to unveil a collection of new tools and features that are designed to make it easier and faster to roll out new applications to its unified hybrid cloud. These features will expand the range of functionality of vCloud Air, including vSphere, which can be used to link vCloud Air with their own private cloud infrastructure.

VMware has upgraded the tool used to provide the vCloud Air public cloud service with vCloud Director 8. This is designed to assist the 4,000 or so service providers within the vCloud Air Network to link their services with the users’ private clouds using brand new hybrid cloud orchestration capabilities. vSphere 6 is supported with Director 8 as well as VMware NSX 6.1.4. Additionally, OAuth has been upgraded to offer support for identity sources and a few other enhancements.

VMware also took the opportunity at VMworld Europe to announce the tool Enhanced Identity Access Management, which is able to extend on-premises identity services to vCloud Air, offering support for single sign-on and unified governance and role management. Other enhancements and upgrades include making it simpler to take advantage of Google’s Anycast DNS servicers to host VMware’s email servicers, as well as Web-facing applications via vCloud Air. Now VMware will allow for control of Google DNS services through a REST API via the Developer’s Console or directly from the command line.

VMware Addresses Containerization

Latest on VMware

VMware also answered the questions regarding what they would do about the growth of containerization. For now, at least, the answer comes in vSphere Integrated Containers for vCloud Air, their public cloud platform.

Upcoming for vCloud Air are containerized applications and support for vSphere Integrated Containers. These are able to be managed through orchestration tools provided by several of VMware’s partners. This new capability resolves how VMware will handle the issues of containers, which are sometimes viewed as a competitor to the traditional virtual machine techniques.

VMware Addresses Networking Issues

Other announcements involved networking, including the availability of vCloud NFV. With a new accreditation program, VMware is trying to make it faster and easier for partners to roll out network function virtualization. The new NFV platform is able to support 40 virtual network functions available from 30 vendors. The accreditation program will enable other partners to certify that their virtual network functions are compatible with the VMware platform.

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