Are you ready to move ahead in your career? Whether you have your eye on that lucrative promotion or are putting together a kick-butt resume to start handing out to potential employers, there are some must-have skills you need to be working on to become a VMware developer. Here are the things you need to be adding to your skill set to stay ahead in the development world.

Boost Your VMware Developer Knowledge & Education

vmware developer

Extra learning isn’t just a way to pad the old resume. It’s a great way to perform better on the job so that you’re the obvious choice for promotions, raises, and other honors.

There are several VMware learning opportunities at all levels: Fundamental (the basics for beginners), Professional, and Advanced. At the Fundamental level, the course vCloud Automation Center Fundamentals is an ideal way to get your feet wet in cloud automation. Next up are two Professional level courses: Realize Automation: Install, Configure, Manage, and vCloud Automation Center: Install Configure, Manage on Demand. The Advanced level course to consider once you’ve mastered the lower and intermediate levels is Cloud Automation: Design and Deploy Fast Track.

Learn About the AWS Hybrid Cloud or Architecture

While AWS is a competitor of VMware, AWS is likely a huge part of the future of the hybrid cloud. Failing to have AWS hybrid cloud skills could set you back in the job hunting arena. About half of all enterprises will deploy a hybrid cloud before 2017 comes to a close, and a fair number of these will be hybrid cloud including AWS components. Learning about AWS usage within hybrid cloud environment is just one way to bolster your skills and assure that your usefulness will extend well into the next decade.

Get Informed on DevOps

You can like the idea of DevOps or hate the idea, but it really doesn’t matter. It’s coming. In many arenas, it’s already here. The good news is, it’s actually a really good concept. If you’re new to the idea or haven’t worked in an environment that embraces DevOps yet, you need to study up on the methodology and get acquainted with the tools you’ll need to use. This means getting knowledgeable about Atlas, Chef, Docker, Puppet, SaltStack, etc.

Learn New Languages

tools for the vmware developer

Learning the latest languages like Python and Ruby can score you better jobs and promotions, as well as give you better tools for your own interesting projects.

Java and C# shouldn’t be the only languages in your repertoire. Today’s developers need to delve into the latest languages like Python, Ruby, and even Go, Rust, and Swift. These languages form the basis for many of today’s most innovative and industry-changing development projects. Python and Ruby allow you to do the things you’re already doing in Java and C++, only with many fewer lines of code. Both are well-designed languages that are becoming quite mainstream.

It’s not necessary to go to school full time to keep up with your VMware developer skills. A few extra hours of your time in the evenings and on weekends can make all the difference in your resume, your career, and your future. Looking to keep up with all things VMware?

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