vSphere Client: The Future Client Software of VMware vSphere

VMware is known to offer sophisticated virtualization techniques. Over the years, VMware has done a great job of giving good service for providing virtual systems. With new features, VMware has always been an aggressor in virtualization technology. It offers a suite of software that have exhaustive features to suit the needs of IT departments worldwide. With these features, it becomes easy to deploy applications in the environment of your choice. 

VMware has client software with which user can access the VMware vSphere environment from their devices. For a very long time that software named vSphere client was a Microsoft Windows based client and people loved it. The biggest issue was the need for Windows and as more people were using mobile devices, Mac OS and Linux, it became a pain. Therefore, the vSphere Web Client was born in 2012 with the release of vSphere 5.1. But that guy was slow, flash based and an overall pain. 

For about 4 years now, both clients vSphere c# client and Web client were co-existing. The future focus towards the Web client became more and more obvious as features were released exclusively.

Changing Needs Of Users In The Virtualization World

VMware recently made the announcement to stop the C# client and move completely towards the Web client. It was not a surprising move as many users saw this coming as VMware has been moving their focus to the Web client for many years. 

C# client (AKA Desktop Client/thick client/vSphere Client for Windows) will not be available for the next version of vSphere.

Luckily that move is reality after the switch from Flash to HTML5 and a continuous performance increase over the last years.

Most new features of vSphere for the last 2 years were only released for the Web Client, so the older client product became more and more obsolete.

About The "All-New" Web Client By VMware  

As users bid adieu to the Windows client, all eyes are on the new HTML5 based web client. As expected by many, the vSphere client offers a seamless experience using the browser. 

Based on the advanced HTML5, this product will be a catalyst in starting the transition from still existing C# clients to the web client. Any device from any place is finally possible. There were three HTML based clients that were introduced by VMware. These are: vCenter Server Appliance Management UI, Platform Services Controller UI and Host Client. Due to their success and the reluctance to continue using flash-based apps, VMware came finally up with HTML5 based vSphere Web client. With this client, users can access vCenter and ESXi server for managing their applications in a much quicker way, than years or even months ago. 

VMware Client

Photo courtesy of VMware Blog

Users Of C# Client

Users of the current C# client don´t need to worry. They will continue to get support for the client software they are currently using. There will not be any new version of this software, but the current version will remain for some time. But you should consider moving away from the C# client sooner than later, not to miss the future features. 

As stated in VMware News: "Many have already tried out the Fling (https://labs.vmware.com/flings/vsphere-html5-web-client), with approximately 40% of survey respondents deploying it into Production and using it daily to manage their critical environments.  With this Fling, we’ll keep the user experience mostly the same as the Web Client, which we’ve improved, based on your feedback.  We also plan on making additional improvements to make it easier for C# users to transition."

About the new vSphere Web client

As stated earlier, the new vSphere is now based on HTML5. HTML5 is a new and improved web technology. It offers flexibility and performance oriented features. With HTML5 support, users can experience this new product without any Flash dependencies and using most modern browser features. Especially, that they dropped flash in the latest version is a big relief for many users. 

The usability has been improved significantly and the performance and scalability is much better.

What To Expect From Vsphere In The Coming Years

As Vsphere client is a new software, one can expect major changes in it in the future. Like every new software, it will be tried and tested. If any issues arise, they will be taken care off in the near future. People can expect a good product that will make application deployment easier for everyone and 3rd party integration simpler.


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