Cloud computing has been around for a while now. As many enterprises explore this concept, it is interesting to see new technologies and products being built around it. VMware is an aggressor in internet technologies. Hence, the IT world expected to hear something new and exciting from them. VMware did not disappoint. The Photon is the recent entry in the list of products that VMware has come up with.

As deployments of applications have begun from the cloud, many developers are exploring this new environment and its benefits. With Photon Controller, developers will get many features of deploying their applications from cloud platforms. The Photon Controller is an advanced way of deploying your applications with all the resources that applications need. Hence, Photon is creating a lot of buzz. Recently, VMware released a new version of Photon Controller. It makes use of container technology. With this technology, applications can be deployed with all the other essential files. These applications can run in the environment suitable for them. Thus, Photon gives flexibility to the applications deployed with its use.

Photon Controller And Cloud Deployment

Today, many applications are deployed from the clouds. This gives them the ability to be present on the go. It makes the applications easy to access. Scalability is another important parameter which is taken care of in the cloud. Photon adds to these advantages. It gives a proper environment for the applications. Native applications perform very well in the cloud. Cloud-native applications have a big share in the cloud applications market. There are many leading applications that use this method of deployment. To cater to such a big market, it is essential to come up with a superb product. Photon controller is the best thing from VMware in the recent times. It gained popularity for being different and efficient from the start itself.

Cloud computing and Photon Controller go hand in hand. Photon Controller increases scalability and gives very good results. As developers give more emphasis to cloud applications, Photon containers are the best options for them. Photon containers provide an excellent environment for the applications. Applications can run securely using such containers. Since container technology is a boon to developers, many of them have started using Photon for their applications.

The Photon has unmatched native container support. With such a technology, your applications can get large environment with all the essential things in them. You can customize your application environment in the way you want. This flexibility will prove to be very useful in deploying applications that give better user experience.

Photon’s New Release

VMware’s recent announcement of the release of Photon Controller v0.8 has been appreciated by the IT world. Knowing the demand for such a software technology, VMware was quick to announce new and improved features in this version. The new version takes native cloud application deployment even further with modern and wonderful additions to the existing technology.

The scalability factor of the Photon Controller has been improved further. According to the official statement, Photon Controller will now be able to scale thousands of hosts and hundreds of thousands of objects. This is a great news as it is estimated that more than millions of devices will be connected to the cloud in the coming years.

Photon, an open source platform, is now more important than ever. As around 36 developers contributed to this latest version, people are curious to see what Photon Controller has for them. In spite of the updates in the new versions, VMware has said that users should not use Photon for production purposes just now. It will be interesting to see what other features the company adds before Photon is fully ready to be used in the IT industry.

All About Photon

The Photon is designed after considering the user experience of applications. This makes it perfect for many users. With Photon, applications become flexible and easy to manage. Using powerful tools like the RESTful APIs and CLI, Photon has managed to stay at the top of its game and has provided so many easy ways of deploying applications. Photon also gives container support to leading software container technologies like Docker and Mesos. This makes it easy for applications choose containers of their choice. Hence, developers do not have to switch to a particular container technology for using Photon.

As VMware rolls out future versions of Photon, we may see proprietary software that becomes part of the Photon. Although the makers intend to keep Photon an open source platform, the proprietary software like NSX may be seen. As Photon grows, these changes are inevitable. With the integration of such software, Photon will become better and more useful. VMware is also looking at other factors in the next versions. These include better performance, security and fleet management. The Photon is set to get better with every release.

It was seen earlier that VMware did not want containerization technologies to become popular. However, releasing the change in the market and the need for such a technology, VMware has embraced this change. With Photon Controller, they have moved forward in containerization technology. This has worked well for them. With a product like Photon Controller, many users have accepted their technology. Photon Controller offers good services that are in sync with the needs of today’s developers and applications.

One more important thing to remember is that virtualization is still a very useful technology and is used in many places. It is vital to note that both virtualization and containerization have their own merits and uses. Hence, there is space for both of them to flourish. So the containerization technology will not be a replacement of virtualization. 

This important point can be made after seeing the pros and cons of each of these technologies. Enterprises go for either of these technologies depending on their requirements. VMware has given shape to both these technologies.


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