vChain Inc, the Immutable Data Specialist, Completes the Acquisition of Ledger and Log Compliance Company Opvizor

Houston, November 11, 2020

vChain Inc, the leading Open Source company for immutable ledger solutions, today
announces the closing of the acquisition of Opvizor Inc, a U.S. ledger and log
compliance software company.

Moshe Bar, CEO and co-founder of vChain, commented: “Businesses have expressed
their need loud and clear for immutable ledger solutions to guarantee the integrity of
their transactional systems and bring trust into their applications and data. The
integration Opvizor’s ledger and log integrity applications helps us advance our mission
with our customer base and the market in general. With an excellent match of
engineering skills and operational excellence, our two teams have integrated

Opvizor Inc, a venture capital-backed company, provides integrity and trust solutions to
hundreds of enterprise customers worldwide like Motorola, Docusign, and the US State
Dept. Opvizor has been cash-flow positive for several years, with operations in the U.S.
and central Europe.

Both companies have been partnering already over the last year for the resale of
vChain’s CodeNotary Ledger Compliance®
solution to Opvizor’s extensive international customer base.

CodeNotary Ledger Compliance® provides customers a tamperproof ledger solution
which enables the immutable recording of sensitive data through the same
cryptographic verification of traditional distributed ledger solutions. It is easy to use, runs
on-premise or in the cloud, and is able to process millions of transactions a second.
CodeNotary Ledger Compliance® is built on top of vChain’s immudb, the industry-
leading, lightweight Open Source immutable database.

“By combining Opvizor’s strength in log data collection, storage, and compliance using
open source software with vChain’s unique solutions for data immutability, we will
merge cloud-native technology with tamperproof data structures and jointly disrupt the
market to help customers accelerate their digital transformation with true open source
solutions,” said Dennis Zimmer, founder of Opvizor and CTO of vChain.

About vChain

The company was founded in late 2018 in Houston, Texas. vChain employs a team with
deep expertise in trust and integrity technology, cryptography, distributed ledger
technologies, immutable databases, and certificate management, distributed in over 12
different countries.

Contact: [ ]( ) for press or job inquiries.

Metrics and Logs

(formerly, Opvizor Performance Analyzer)

VMware vSphere & Cloud

Monitor and Analyze Performance and Log files:
Performance monitoring for your systems and applications with log analysis (tamperproof using immudb) and license compliance (RedHat, Oracle, SAP and more) in one virtual appliance!

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