Using VMware to Power Your Mobile Workforce

Today’s workforce is rapidly evolving from the stereotypical office worker portrayed in Dilbert cartoons. Workers aren’t confined to their desks or the office or even the country in order to do their jobs. ‘Remote workers’ is a broad term that envelopes a wide range of workers, jobs, and activities. Some are typical office workers who simply need the ability to respond to email or answer a few quick client questions after they leave the office at night. Others may rarely or never stray into the office, such as roving reporters, telecommuters, outside sales reps, and those who oversee work crews on job sites. VMware can empower all of these workers with the resources and tools they need to succeed at whatever their tasks may be.

Workers Can Always Access Their Desktops

VMware monitoring

Using VMware, you can set up virtual desktops for your remote workers so that they can access their actual working desktops from anywhere they happen to be and most any device they happen to be using.

VMware can be used to set up virtual desktops so that workers can bring up their actual desktop from anywhere they happen to be. Virtual desktops allow workers to bring up and launch all of their Windows and non-Windows applications no matter where they are. For instance, if a worker gets off work, gets home, and remembers something important they were supposed to do, they can log into their virtual desktop from their home computer and get it done. Similarly, the worker who is in Hong Kong for an important conference gets a frantic call from their client and can simply log into their virtual desktop, take care of the customer’s issue, and maintain a stellar level of customer service even from half a world away.

Workers Can Always Access The Right Applications

Developers can build and deploy mission-critical apps with VMware, so that workers can get access to their applications from wherever they happen to be. Workers always have access to their applications via smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC. Say an employee is pitching to a prospective new client and wants to show them how something works. She can open the software on her tablet and let the prospect play around with it for himself as if they were in her office. Remote access to applications isn’t just a wonderful thing for your mobile workforce, it is also a godsend in the event of a disaster. Your company can literally rent or buy a new bank of computers and log right into your applications and continue to work, as if the disaster never happened.

Workers Can Always Access the Data & VMware Monitoring Tools Keep Things Safe

access apps anywhere

Telecommuters and traveling workers can get the same data access with the same performance as those workers sitting in your office.

Whether your sales staff needs access to your warehouse inventory or your traveling manager needs to see what next week’s schedule looks like, it’s important that a mobile workforce can get secure yet reliable access to the data. VMware is ideal for consolidating data, ridding the company of troublesome data silos, and putting the powerful data in the hands of all of the workers. Worried about security? There are excellent VMware monitoring tools to assure that the data and network are kept completely safe.

VMware allows you to build and manage virtual environments to power your mobile workforce anywhere they happen to be for any job they need to take on out there. Would you like to learn more about how VMware and VMware monitoring and analysis can help you power your workforce and take your business to new heights? 

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