If you do much reading in the world of VMware, you’ll soon encounter the phrase, ‘One Cloud, Any App, Any Device." What does this term mean? Is this just a cool marketing slogan tossed out there by VMware, or is there some actual meaning and substance behind it?

The Environment Enabling ‘One Cloud’

One Cloud, Any App, Any Device

Management of the cloud environment will be made so easy that apps and data can be moved about within different clouds, both on and off premises, seamlessly and effortlessly. It will essentially act as one cloud.

In order to understand the term, you have to remember the full landscape of today’s tech environment. While the concepts of mobile, cloud, data, analytics, and security used to be separate, these ideas have now converged into more or less a single entity with multiple parts. While not all of the cloud is dedicated to mobile, mobile apps are inherently dependent on the cloud. While not all data resides in the cloud, an enormous part of the cloud is dedicated to data and data analytics. In fact, data is one of the biggest drivers for demand of cloud storage and processing capabilities. Security isn’t limited to mobile apps or the cloud or even big data, per se, but try to engage in any one of those without the right security, and it’s a recipe for disaster.

So, this is the situation. These technologies are not one, but they are working together, driving each other, and married to an extent that they are not likely to be parted anytime in our lifetimes. At the same time, open source is absolutely taking over the computing world. Open source is driving big data analytics (Hadoop), it’s behind much of the mobile movement (mobile devices are largely powered by Linux operating systems, particularly Ubuntu), and is a significant player in the field of cloud computing, too (OpenStack, Docker, and MongoDB, just to name a few).

What ‘One Cloud’ is and What It Isn’t

One Cloud

The line between the virtual world and the physical world continue to blur.

VMware’s vision is to conglomerate the cloud into essentially one. One cloud powering all of the devices (mobile and desktop) and all of the apps on those devices. Sound far fetched? It’s already beginning to happen with Windows 10, where IT departments are able to manage complete suites of Windows 10 apps collectively.

This doesn’t mean doing away with all of the individual cloud environments in favor of a single cloud environment, but rather making management of the cloud so easy  that data and applications and other services move about within the collective cloud environment so seamlessly and effortlessly that it essentially behaves as one cloud. This vision keeps the consumer end simple and intuitive, while boosting the back end with the enterprise-grade security it takes to assure data protection in today’s environment.

VMware has recently backed up their concepts by partnering with a couple of giants that would seem to be more competitors than allies — Microsoft and Google. But the spirit of coopetition is intense as the cloud and other technologies shake out to become what they will inevitably become. The lines between the virtual and the physical are blurring already.

Ready to begin simplifying your virtualized environment to take advantage of the ‘One Cloud’ easy management concept? 

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