Opvizor Inc. today announced that its Performance Analyzer 3 is certified DataCore Ready for SANsymphony ™, from the Software-Defined Storage Platform from DataCore™ Software, making them beneficial for organizations to maximize the availability and utilization of IT assets and to simplify data storage management.

“It is a great pleasure to announce the DataCore Ready Solution certification for our Performance Analyzer 3. Our customers are now able to benefit from all the added value provided by DataCore,” said Dennis Zimmer, CEO – opvizor.

Some of our SANsymphony™ integration features are:

  • Find DataCore server bottlenecks and performance issues
  • Check caching and replication efficiency in real time
  • Full insights into Latency and IOps
  • React on front-end and backend-network anomalies
  • Combine SANsymphony™ metrics with consumer (VMware vSphere, MS Hyper-V)

DataCore Ready

Performance Analyzer 3 supports real time performance analysis through the full stack, from VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V and Docker or Microsoft SQL to DataCore Storage System.  This is all done using a highly flexible Dashboard Engine. Performance Analyzer 3.0 is a game changer – the software correlates data from a variety of datacenter components, unifies the data into one layout, providing end-to-end visibility for the user.

Here you can find some of our VMware vSphere integration features:

  • Find Disk I/O bottlenecks
  • Report Used Capacity over time and plan future capacity
  • Full insights into Datastore Latency and VM Disk IOps
  • See Memory Issues (Ballooning, Swapping) and Network Issues (Packet Loss) instantly
  • Get a complete cluster usage overview across multiple Datacenter or vCenter
  • track VMware Snapshot Usage in real time including historic data

„The interesting point with Opvizor are the flexible dashboards, they give the possibility for a comprehensive analysis of a heterogeneous eco-system in the data center. It is easy to find relationships and dependencies between hypervisors (VMware, Hyper-V, etc.) and in our case Storage-IO. " Alexander Best, Director Technical Business Development, DataCore

DataCore Ready

The DataCore™ SANsymphony™ Software-Defined Storage Platform is a comprehensive and scalable storage services platform designed to maximize the performance, availability and utilization of IT assets. The software runs in the data path and has visibility to all the read and write traffic generated by applications. It can take full advantage of the Dell PowerEdge high-speed x86-64 processors, on board DRAM memory and Dell flash based SSD cards to turn around requests quickly, while automatically tiering and moving data between spinning disks, flash and across different storage platforms to optimize performance and improve application response times.

DataCore Ready

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Performance Analyzer Integrations

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DataCore Ready Members

About opvizor

Opvizor offers solutions that enable a deep view into your virtualized environment. The focus of all of our solutions is the recognition of current and potential problems before outages and performance bottlenecks. The company operates offices in the United States (Houston, Texas) and Austria (Vienna). Founder and CEO Dennis Zimmer is an acknowledged expert for virtualization and was awarded already 8 years in series as a VMware vExpert due to his work as a book author and blogger.

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Performance monitoring for your systems and applications with log analysis (tamperproof using immudb) and license compliance (RedHat, Oracle, SAP and more) in one virtual appliance!

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