Not a Search engine, opvizor is the Find engine for VMware vSphere

Why comparing management software with search engines like google?

Isn´t it annoying that all these tools and software products you are using to optimize and stabilize your VMware vSphere environment are build as some kind of query framework. Of course they do an outstanding job in finding the match to your queries or the anomalies that are detected, but what about the resolution? That is still up to you and your google skills.

Of course some of you readers out there live eat and breathe Virtualization and are just fine with a query result as you know what you are looking for – at least most of the time. Well, actually even the most geek can´t think about everything everytime.

That is actually the most important point about Search/query style technologies (Search Engine), you need to feed them, so you need to know at least somewhat what you are looking for. Hmm, better be precise not to rough.

But most of the VMware users don´t have the time, experience or training to know all about the complex configuration and setup possibilities. And what you don´t know you find out the hard way, a downtime, a performance loss or bottleneck or somebody breaks into a security leak.

No one want to get blamed because something has been overseen obviously although all this tools were in place. In reality nobody can really be blamed as its just not fair to expect people to think about everything in advance, search proactively through log files and try and error all kinds of best practices in a test environment before moving into production. IT is moving fast, virtualization is moving fast and IT administrator have more duties, more systems to run and manage than ever. They need a Find engine for VMware!

What means a Find engine?

In comparison to a Search engine, that searches for things you already know the subject of, the Find engine knows all the typical queries and findings a person would ask over the years at a subject. Being more precise, imagine instead of having a software you need to tell: "What virtual machines have old VMware tools and run Windows 2003?" it just shows that up directly including the best answer you can find to solve that. Or i found a dangerous log entry in the VMware Knowledge Base, am I affected? – opvizor directly comes up with the finding, without having you asking the question.

At opvizor, from the beginning we believed in using the community knowledge, the vendor recommendations and knowledge base articles to build a big engine that analyzes your environment against all of this wisdom and coming up with a complete resolutions instead of an information that there are affected systems.

That means you benefit of two things:

  1. All questions are already asked before you even think of them
  2. All questions come with a resolution instead of just a simple list of affected systems

VM Snapshot Size - Find engine for VMware

In any case it is always about seeing is believing. We don’t put any road blocker in your way to check out Health Analyzer and you can start within minutes and for free to get a picture of a Find engine for VMware.

Just register and check the results


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