Metrics & Logs version 7.7 released

Today we’re excited to announce the Metrics and Logs 7.7 release that adds Microsoft Azure performance monitoring for virtual instances, databases, and other resources!

You can now monitor all of your virtual machines (instances) and SQL instances running on Microsoft Azure and filter by the tenant, management group, or subscription.
That allows for short-term but also long-term performance monitoring as Metrics & Logs stores the data over months and years (based on your configuration).

As always there are many other improvements that come with version 7.7.

Improved Auditable Change Management

Our highly popular feature connects to your VMware management (one or many vCSA) and collects the most important ESXi hardware, VM hardware and configuration changes as well as the virtual machine location over time. Additionally, we can even detect when certain operating systems are installed (and running) or applications like Oracle database, Microsoft SQL Server, or Oracle Java are running.

Features and reporting performance have greatly improved to support thousands of entities.

The screenshot shows the changes that happen to your virtual machines over time. Of course, you can create reports based on that and query in real time.
Auditable Change Management

This information is not simply stored in a common database, it’s immutably stored using the immudb database. That provides the foundation for a change audit, as you have cryptographically-verifiable proof of any change that happened.

Our customers are already using this auditing capability to prove to vendors such as Oracle or Red Hat which systems and applications are running where and when. To do so, the VM location (ESXi, cluster, network) and VM resource changes (CPU, memory, network) need to be tracked complete and tamper-proof.

Improved Automatic Workload Detection

Another very useful feature is the automatic detection of operating systems and applications where resource usage and location are relevant for the resulting license costs.
Detect VM workloads

Today the automatic detection supports:

  • Red Hat OS
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Oracle Database
  • Java runtime

Please contact us if you miss an important vendor on our list for your license tracking.


Existing customers can find the latest patch in our customer portal and everyone who likes to evaluate Metrics & Logs can simply start a trial:


  • Microsoft Azure metrics and data collection incl. new dashboards
  • improved Auditable Change Management: Crawler, Dashboards, Reports
  • increased compatibility with legacy VMware versions
  • better handling when vCenter fails
  • Cisco Hyperflex update for newer versions
  • reduce database load caused by syslog feeder
  • Vscsistats Dashboard: display improvements
  • improved CPU Ready calculation
  • optimize speed and disk usage for tamperproof log storage
  • more NUMA metrics
  • collect uptime metrics for VMs and Hosts, new dashboard for uptimes “VMware Health: System Uptime
  • Esxtop-based device queue metrics
  • more HBA adapter queue metrics
  • more multipathing metrics
  • support influx FLUX QL
  • improved UCS Crawler performance

Of course, we fixed and updated all of our software components.


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