Perhaps it is a response to uncertain economic times, or maybe it’s just an inevitable acceptance of all things cloud, but for whatever reasons, the ‘aaS’ model of IT has caught on big time. The ‘aaS’, as it does with ‘SaaS’, ‘PaaS’, ‘IaaS’, etc. means ‘as a Service’. This model of providing IT products requires little upfront investment, making it ideal for startups that need to keep costs light and assets lean, as well as temporary IT needs like trials and testing that don’t call for long-term investments in IT infrastructure.

What is DBaaS?

DBaaS - Database as a Service

One affordable database on the first floor, poolside, please.

DBaaS means database as a service. Companies, developers, and others in need of short or long-term storage can elect to do so in the cloud as a service. Instead of an ouch-inducing cost to buy the hardware needed to set up a database, along with the ho-hum tedium and monotony of getting that DB set up, you can simply lease it aaS. For small companies, startups, and developers in need of temporary database environments, this solution is ideal.

What are the Advantages of DBaaS to the Vendor/Service Provider?

Traditionally, products are sold and people don’t return to spend with the seller again until the end of the product lifecycle, or until they need an additional product. The aaS model flips that around — customers don’t buy anything. The initial cost is lower, but they need the service every day, week, month, and year until they no longer need it. In other words, aaS brings a steady revenue stream in for products that used to be a one-and-done profit. Since the service doesn’t come with a big upfront cost, vendors can ‘sell’ more databases. With virtualization, it’s also really cheap to provide DBaaS, so the profits can be pretty sweet.

What are the Advantages of DBaaS to the Customer?

Vendors aren’t the only ones making out well with DBaaS. Customers can get large and hearty databases up and running quickly, easily, and on the cheap. Databases that would require thousands of dollars in hardware investments can be set up and running for a tiny fraction of that cost in far less time. Plus, DBaaS is a lot more flexible, easy to scale, and simple to manage compared to an onsite database. The customer also transfers most of the responsibility for security onto the DBaaS vendor, which in this age is a tremendous relief. The burden of securing customer and secret proprietary data can consume an enormous portion of the IT budget if it’s done right.

How is VMware a Solution for DBaaS?

DBaaS for Developer

There are several options for using VMware to set up your own DBaaS environment.

VMware developers have lots of options when it comes to setting up their own DBaaS. VMware vFabric Data Director gives developers an easy self-service portal you can use to provision a DB without involving IT. It’s easy to change later, has some great security features, and provides solid backup, restoration, save, development, and testing applications. Alternately, VMware developers can opt for the VMware plus Tintri DBaaS solution or VMware plus Pure Storage solution.

These DBaaS solutions are perfect for setting up your own virtual database or to provide DBaaS products to customers of your own. Looking for a better way to keep up with all things VMware? Sign up for our newsletter today. 

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