It’s an interesting time, indeed. The only time the buzz about one new device dies down is when the hullabaloo over another device cranks up. Developers are dealing with hodgepodge infrastructures that include a bit of legacy system here, a dabble of new application there, and a whole lot of in-between. 

VMware is trying to take some of the headaches out of managing, updating, delivering, and consuming applications across varied devices with VMware App Volumes 3.0. The new version was announced in February 2016 and will be available later this quarter. Here are some of the improvements you have to look forward to. 


VMware App Volumes

VMware App Volumes 3.0 is designed to give you greater visibility and control across your environment, particularly in terms of the users and the devices that depend on your architecture. 

This new feature has a patent pending. It enables per-user entitlement and installation of apps inside a single AppStack, giving you greater flexibility. AppToggle helps IT lower the number of AppStacks necessary, eliminating a lot of the management duties, while improving performance. Instead of just hiding installed applications, AppToggle only installs those the user has access privileges to, so it also improves security. 

AppCapture With App Isolation 

This feature allows you to easily capture and update apps in order to simplify the app packing, delivery, and isolation processes with a command line interface. It allows IT to distribute the creation of AppStacks to various teams and to merge AppStacks to make the delivery and management processes simpler and easier. This feature integrates with ThinApp, enabling the delivery of native apps in a single, consistent format throughout the AppStacks. 

AppScaling With Multizones 

This feature empowers integrated app availability across data centers, so that it is no longer necessary to have separate software to replicate AppStacks across the various sites. All you have to do is add multiple file shares to the host AppStack, and then pair the host to instances in vCenter. Then an import service scans the file shares and populates the AppStacks.

Unified Administration Console

Unified Administration Console

If you like your legacy console, you can keep your legacy console. Unlike candidates on the campaign trail, App Volumes 3.0 delivers on the promises. 

This feature gives the IT administrator a holistic view of application management, the user environment, and monitoring. It recognizes patterns to deliver easy but powerful workflows for the delivery of applications, managing the user environment, and app monitoring. It takes the complexity out of managing multiple consoles, while still allowing customers to continue to use legacy consoles, if that’s what they prefer. 

Integrated App and User Management and Monitoring 

 This is the industry’s only solution that features both application and user environment management with a built-in monitoring solution. It is designed to deliver faster provisioning and context-aware user policy, and is a complete lifecycle management solution.These changes mark a lot of improvement in a relatively short time. It will be the fifth version within less than two years. 

VMware App Volumes 3.0 comes in three editions: Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise. 

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