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immudb v0.9.0

immudb v0.9.0 has officially been released! Thanks to the community to support us testing our release candidates, sending in valuable feedback and some bug reports. Everything has been implemented and fixed and 2021 starts with immudb 0.9!

Our new embeddable cryptographic-proof storage engine has been thoroughly tested and has shown nice and impressive performance improvements.
Not only it’s 7 times faster than v0.8.0 in writing data, it also shines with instant cryptographic proof! Local tests (AWS c5d instances) have shown close to 10 million entries being written in 1 second.

  • key-value database
  • immutable history
  • built-in cryptographic proof
  • embeddable
  • indexing
  • scanning
  • data-compression
  • multi-threading support
  • parallel I/O

Here you can find the changelog as well as the download locations:


[v0.9.0] – 2021-01-07

Bug Fixes

  • update metrics and fix stats command
  • cmd/immuadmin/command: fix immuadmin stats (#592)
  • pkg/database: enable scan on fresh snapshot
  • pkg/server: shutdown handlers and metrics server are moved in start method


  • removing audit-signature and add serverSigningPubKey
  • remove print tree method
  • restore inmemory_cache test
  • cmd/immuadmin: temporary disable stats functionality
  • pkg/api: upgrade rest endpoints
  • pkg/client: implement missing methods in immuclient mock
  • pkg/server: temporary remove proactive corruption checker (#595)


  • add signature verification with a submitted public key


Docker image

Immudb Binaries

File SHA256
immudb-v0.9.0-darwin-amd64 3e809e30e295218596cfeaccbff46a6e85ced8ec61298c7a3c73eff5c885a9be
immudb-v0.9.0-linux-amd64 887d9ae18216252de2e3cc002ce8cbd03d01aa1663e56af1c720a15274bfabd1
immudb-v0.9.0-linux-amd64-static ec5de19a88bead9b7d55e87777b81885382124ca0f5f18c8321efb3816bb01f8
immudb-v0.9.0-linux-s390x ad65bfb6f25d34ce8576a6e2b10e77f5164248de0e9805d719326f4b3aa6ea0d
immudb-v0.9.0-windows-amd64.exe 48ae6028a3e5fcafcc045a461bd89541f795d20e57d0c8b7472ebecceb17c42c

Immuclient Binaries

File SHA256
immuclient-v0.9.0-darwin-amd64 f644e623050c725ccc6b15d22ff0ca5b7a8c1d67b6bdf37bb4b87c54a5a4be76
immuclient-v0.9.0-linux-amd64 656756ee29142149ab97d7f7055fc8656e43df6299c338197e7c8476861638f2
immuclient-v0.9.0-linux-amd64-static 179d09603f4cbf5bf59871d47f49f2d38fe26457acfbd9950ddb90fbe94262b0
immuclient-v0.9.0-linux-s390x d5731b512ec5d08ac7964e344789da995d009688369807cafde1043a9b17f624
immuclient-v0.9.0-windows-amd64.exe 1eafe1db5b930f3c47a4320aed0300c723acd642d52e028e74ba1826f6662dbc

Immuadmin Binaries

File SHA256
immuadmin-v0.9.0-darwin-amd64 bb360463bfa2d86a22fa67e1f72161e4b1d0b2dd2ca373e358551331de01fd3d
immuadmin-v0.9.0-linux-amd64 9cfcf0fd86cec1170560c45d7a75dfd1145b740676a2aa070063e3d3301ec152
immuadmin-v0.9.0-linux-amd64-static eab4ad0d9bd7b306c0d22754d05e43a1baa753d5c2e3e1fcd9ed791debde3437
immuadmin-v0.9.0-linux-s390x ad409d6b36c890d3173cabf9e7846ef93d65c031ceb068f39173314fceec77ad
immuadmin-v0.9.0-windows-amd64.exe 9ff4361bb92789f2b1df18716be4141cbc5fe8272f3e44480b497551a0bada05

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Codenotary Cloud

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Use Case - Tamper-resistant Clinical Trials


Blockchain PoCs were unsuccessful due to complexity and lack of developers.

Still the goal of data immutability as well as client verification is a crucial. Furthermore, the system needs to be easy to use and operate (allowing backup, maintenance windows aso.).


immudb is running in different datacenters across the globe. All clinical trial information is stored in immudb either as transactions or the pdf documents as a whole.

Having that single source of truth with versioned, timestamped, and cryptographically verifiable records, enables a whole new way of transparency and trust.

Use Case - Finance


Store the source data, the decision and the rule base for financial support from governments timestamped, verifiable.

A very important functionality is the ability to compare the historic decision (based on the past rulebase) with the rulebase at a different date. Fully cryptographic verifiable Time Travel queries are required to be able to achieve that comparison.


While the source data, rulebase and the documented decision are stored in verifiable Blobs in immudb, the transaction is stored using the relational layer of immudb.

That allows the use of immudb’s time travel capabilities to retrieve verified historic data and recalculate with the most recent rulebase.

Use Case - eCommerce and NFT marketplace


No matter if it’s an eCommerce platform or NFT marketplace, the goals are similar:

  • High amount of transactions (potentially millions a second)
  • Ability to read and write multiple records within one transaction
  • prevent overwrite or updates on transactions
  • comply with regulations (PCI, GDPR, …)


immudb is typically scaled out using Hyperscaler (i. e. AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure) distributed across the Globe. Auditors are also distributed to track the verification proof over time. Additionally, the shop or marketplace applications store immudb cryptographic state information. That high level of integrity and tamper-evidence while maintaining a very high transaction speed is key for companies to chose immudb.

Use Case - IoT Sensor Data


IoT sensor data received by devices collecting environment data needs to be stored locally in a cryptographically verifiable manner until the data is transferred to a central datacenter. The data integrity needs to be verifiable at any given point in time and while in transit.


immudb runs embedded on the IoT device itself and is consistently audited by external probes. The data transfer to audit is minimal and works even with minimum bandwidth and unreliable connections.

Whenever the IoT devices are connected to a high bandwidth, the data transfer happens to a data center (large immudb deployment) and the source and destination date integrity is fully verified.

Use Case - DevOps Evidence


CI/CD and application build logs need to be stored auditable and tamper-evident.
A very high Performance is required as the system should not slow down any build process.
Scalability is key as billions of artifacts are expected within the next years.
Next to a possibility of integrity validation, data needs to be retrievable by pipeline job id or digital asset checksum.


As part of the CI/CD audit functionality, data is stored within immudb using the Key/Value functionality. Key is either the CI/CD job id (i. e. Jenkins or GitLab) or the checksum of the resulting build or container image.

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