v0.9.0 Release Candidate 2 is out. The next release candidate of immudb 0.9.0 that integrates our new embeddable cryptographic-proof storage engine is available.

v0.9.0 is 7 times faster data writes than the former version 0.8.0 and instant cryptographic proof!

immudb v0.9.0 Release Candidate 2

Here are the changes since Release Candidate 1:


Bug Fixes

  • cmd/immuadmin/command: fix unit tests
  • cmd/immuclient: fix unit tests
  • embedded/tbtree: sync GetTs to prevent data races
  • pkg/api: change order of validations when checking state signature


  • adapt coverage to the new server implementation
  • fix immuserver mock
  • cmd/immuadmin: disable stats and removed print tree command
  • cmd/immuclient: print verified label when executing safereference
  • pkg/client: update service mock to new API
  • pkg/database: add input validations during verifiable set
  • pkg/database: implements History using lock-based operation

Code Refactoring

  • uniform server and client tests
  • improving buffconn server with splitting start method in initialization and start


  • embedded/store: implements lock-based History without requiring snapshot creation
  • pkg/client: update auditor implementation to new server API
  • pkg/client: implementation of client-side verifiedZAdd
  • pkg/client: implements VerifiedSetReference
  • pkg/database: implementation of verifiableZAdd
  • pkg/database: implementation of VerifiableSetReference

Release Source:


Docker image

Immudb Binaries

File SHA256
immudb-v0.9.0-RC2-darwin-amd64 c16f1a762c7460fe66df2490a5ac5f1e4eb662584b63334eddf78e90fe4147b4
immudb-v0.9.0-RC2-linux-amd64 45fc2fe6407d63f35dfa7a7d9b864acb9b0fe81e3ca684b20f50be1809830e06
immudb-v0.9.0-RC2-linux-amd64-static 2f5b895d1ca745ec1ff57bb238ba9420891f1c1201c29b8efef1e203d86623ab
immudb-v0.9.0-RC2-linux-s390x c2c78756fc701627e46735a2fc7c5c1afbc99e5a26e7b9a60e763ec7115ea422
immudb-v0.9.0-RC2-windows-amd64.exe 26ab5c6d267e9f71d79b3ea2633cfa103084e56d2f5da1987e3dca417f8564e7

Immuclient Binaries

File SHA256
immuclient-v0.9.0-RC2-darwin-amd64 473050e446741a6147ef365192f3599a70e8b4d176e9068be5c6d5895f086110
immuclient-v0.9.0-RC2-linux-amd64 2d0c18ef6f827ffe0bb28350618f890260997334dc3fba50040af9fdd14f0375
immuclient-v0.9.0-RC2-linux-amd64-static 504365eeb2cec1349f56fe9a64ba4c0bb052a7eaf3574d488fbfb9c0708846bc
immuclient-v0.9.0-RC2-linux-s390x 2832f468cf951adf030401f436338b067f8c4d6dab043d4cf7e850d2e74e7b19
immuclient-v0.9.0-RC2-windows-amd64.exe 11c3611410ada6b823759b3fe1ff71e3318901d5d9d903606a62ec5357bf8616

Immuadmin Binaries

File SHA256
immuadmin-v0.9.0-RC2-darwin-amd64 51302ba08a291a384a0b966cd7bcc6dbb29f94546888e105db0771ec1d19389c
immuadmin-v0.9.0-RC2-linux-amd64 223248531930710721933df915821b230bfd1de0f25ff32a3dfbb3259b782095
immuadmin-v0.9.0-RC2-linux-amd64-static 3fb1a05ad1a73e46fa9804ffa541e3d93f8f6beaff485fdb1a7bf3dd53fe1b3a
immuadmin-v0.9.0-RC2-linux-s390x 0332f5fc773eb93478facf02641dbfcbf51f0a5a73146288d42fa6f77b7e1d3a
immuadmin-v0.9.0-RC2-windows-amd64.exe fac79bad8285e0167a06c2a7a5ae8e5e8543ddd431d75a67179fe2cc1b6cd658



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