Houston, May 25 2021 – CodeNotary Inc., the leading provider of zero trust protection for DevOps, brings digital trust, integrity, and transparency to the de-facto standard for home automation software Home Assistant.

Software supply chain attacks have already affected many of the largest companies in the world. The SolarWinds
contaminating more than 18,000 customers is just one of many recent such exposures, and more come to light every month, such as the one for the web development language

Recent incidents have clearly shown that many companies and projects face an exceptional challenge when attempting to secure their software supply chain using traditional and insufficient technologies like
digital certificates.

CodeNotary Inc. developed the open-source database immudb as the core technology to provide immutable history and tamper-proof protection of the software development lifecycle. With CodeNotary, it is now for the first time possible for Home Assistant to ensure that only approved code runs on the hundred of thousands homes using their project and to fulfill its mission to put local control and privacy first.

"We were able to implement this solution in record time. CodeNotary’s open-source approach, the easy integration into our DevOps chain and the flexibility when it comes to revocation is a real game-changer. That is how software trust and integrity should look and feel," said Pascal Vizeli, founder and one of the core developers of Home Assistant.

Home Assistant is the world’s largest home automation platform controlling over 1,700 different devices and services without storing any data in the cloud. Powered by a worldwide community of developers & DIY enthusiasts, it comprises over 120k members on Reddit and over 70k Discord users. GitHub’s "State of the Octoverse" 2019 listed Home Assistant as the tenth biggest open-source project on its platform with 6,300 contributors.

"Our team at CodeNotary is thrilled to support such a great and wildly popular open-source project as Home Assistant. Our zero trust solution protects the whole software supply chain from code commits to runtime verification, and makes now every Home Assistant deployment verifiable and immediately revocable in case of security updates or malicious code," said Dennis Zimmer, CTO of CodeNotary Inc.



Home Assistant:

CNIL Metrics & Logs

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Built on the fastest immutable ledger technology. Open Source and easy to use and integrate into existing application.

Codenotary Cloud

Trusted CI/CD, SBOM and artifact
protection with cryptographic proof.
One CLI to manage all.

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