More and more companies combining the new benefits or Docker with the already experienced benefits of VMware to gain the best out of both worlds. 

But it’s important to fully understand the architecture of both solutions to run the application at the best speed. In the very end it’s always about the application itself, and it should be fast no matter what systems is running below.

It you’re interested in how we use Docker (also running on top of VMware) in our environment please check out this article:

How we use New Relic’s Docker integration at Opvizor

But that covers only one part of the overall strategy. Another great article including the links to more information can be found here, covering VMware NSX and Docker:

Bottom line is how to securly run docker still delivering great performance and some more articles are covering it:

Metrics and Logs

(formerly, Opvizor Performance Analyzer)

VMware vSphere & Cloud

Monitor and Analyze Performance and Log files:
Performance monitoring for your systems and applications with log analysis (tamperproof using immudb) and license compliance (RedHat, Oracle, SAP and more) in one virtual appliance!

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