Have you checked the news recently? It doesn’t really matter what day you watch. Pick one, and there is almost certainly going to be a report on some kind of disaster that impacts businesses. Floods, fires, earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, acts of terrorism … the list of potential disasters is long. Systems and networks outages don’t just come from natural disasters and headline-making stories of terrorism. Sometimes something as mundane as a data breach or malware infection can take systems down and require disaster recovery. Yet with all of the talk and dire warnings and blog posts on the importance of disaster recovery plans, only about 60 percent of businesses have any documented plan, and those that do generally have plans that are inadequate, ineffective, or inefficient.

What are your options for creating a disaster plan for your VMware environment?

VMware Horizon Air Desktop DR

Disaster Preparedness

It’s not always something dramatic like an earthquake or terrorist attack that knocks you down. Sometimes it’s just a mundane hardware issue or a run-of-the-mill hack attack. Either way, you need to be prepared.

VMware Horizon Air Desktop DR can serve as a functional desktop in an emergency. It provides a cloud-hosted desktop that can be accessed and used from any device you can get your hands on in an emergency, including a desktop, laptop, tablet, or just a smartphone with a web browser. Once you get access, you have a fully functional workspace at your fingertips, complete with your business’ corporate image, applications, and access to any and all of your resources.

Additionally, VMware Horizon Air Desktop DR is not expensive and is surprisingly simple to use. It costs far less than a physical desktop DR solution and does not require any physical infrastructure to be in place to use it. There are no equipment costs and no maintenance issues to worry about. In the event that you need access to your Horizon Air Desktop DR, you simply contact VMware.

VMware vCloud Air for Infrastructure DR 

vCloud Air Disaster Recovery is a Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) that offers the ability to recover your vSphere environment following a disaster. It offers protection for as many as 500 virtual machines in a single subscription and delivers on an as-needed basis. vCloud Air DR allows you to test various failover scenarios as much as you need to during the period of your service contract. This solution gives you DR for your infrastructure, not just the applications and data that is protected by the VMware Horizon Air Desktop DR solution.

VMware Site Recovery Manager

VMware Site Recovery Manager

When you have a solid recovery plan in place, it’s a simple matter to save the day and return operations to normal. Just make sure your recovery plan is simple, fast, and suitable for any scenario.

VMware Site Recovery Manager is probably the most  well-known and easily-recognized of the VMware disaster recovery solutions. 

It provides a solution to make applications available and mobile across the sites of your private cloud environments. It also allows for non-disruptive testing to make sure that disaster recovery processes are predictable and fit within compliance restraints. It allows for zero-downtime application mobility and reliable recovery using fully-automated workflow and SDDC solutions (Software-Defined Data Center). VMware Site Recovery Manager gives you the ability to protect thousands of VMware virtual machines from a centralized source and is usually about half the cost of other disaster recovery solutions.

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