Codenotary Joins AlmaLinux Foundation as Platinum Sponsor, Hires AlmaLinux Community Manager as VP of Products

Today (Dec 8th, 2021), we announced our company’s Platinum sponsorship of the AlmaLinux Foundation — the leading alternative to CentOS. We were users of CentOS and when Red Hat announced a change in direction about a year ago, like so many others we were faced with a big decision on where to turn. Our decision was AlmaLinux and we’ve never looked back.

Codenotary Joins AlmaLinux Foundation as Platinum Sponsor

We’re also bringing onboard AlmaLinux’s community manager Jack Aboutboul as vice president of product. Jack will continue in his community role with AlmaLinux as well. Our co-founder and CEO, Moshe Bar commented,
“I’ve known Jack for a long time – he brings more than 20 years of technology and community relations expertise and will be responsible for directing Codenotary’s product strategy, as well as help us with our user community and guide our delivery of products based on open source technologies.”

Said Jack, “I’m excited to take on a new role joining Moshe and Codenotary which is breaking new ground with its open source technologies for immutable data storage and verifiable tracking and provenance of data. I’m very fortunate to maintain my role within the AlmaLinux community and the governing board steering its future. Both AlmaLinux and Codenotary are on exciting growth trajectories.”

Why is Codenotary becoming the first Platinum sponsor of The AlmaLinux OS Foundation? Our company is deeply committed to open source and users of AlmaLinux ourselves. We’re big believers in what AlmaLinux is doing to provide an alternative for us CentOS users and wanted to put a commitment behind the project to continue the fine work it is doing and propel its future.

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