It’s always amazing, when you as a vendor got feedback from your happy customers. But sometimes that feedback makes not just your management or sales team happy but excites the whole company. That happened to us, when George from Hernando County send us a picture of his working place out of the blue.

We really do love Performance Analyzer here. No training needed or integration workshop – download, import, put it on a big screen. We were looking for solutions that help us to detect performance issues in no time for quite a while. They were either too complex or too expensive or both. With Performance Analyzer we found exactly what we need.

George Welsted, System Administration, Hernando County Clerk

Performance Analyzer Big Screen

George customized the built-in dashboards to get the most important information without the need to scroll down or switch screens.

That is something we recommend to all of our customers, less is more. We provide a lot of performance and usage information for VMware vSphere, Linux, Windows, SQL and much more, but every customer has a slightly different need. Condense the exact data you need in one or few screens is key to success.

Thanks George for that great feedback and we look forward simplifying your daily SysAdmin life with our products for the years to come.

If you also like a simple, yet powerful way to keep a close eye on your virtual infrastructure without the hassle of weeks of training and customization. Give us 15 minutes of your time to download and install Performance Analyzer and see yourself.

Download Performance Analyzer

Metrics and Logs

(formerly, Opvizor Performance Analyzer)

VMware vSphere & Cloud

Monitor and Analyze Performance and Log files:
Performance monitoring for your systems and applications with log analysis (tamperproof using immudb) and license compliance (RedHat, Oracle, SAP and more) in one virtual appliance!

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