Check out our new monthly payment options

We received so many requests about monthly payment options especially from customers running smaller VMware vSphere environments, that we decided to react. It’s Spring time, so we had some ideas.

Monthly payment options at Opvizor

Photo courtesy of SpaceShoe [Learning to live with the crisis](CC Attribution)

Therefore you might already have noticed the current promotions that are running. We just wanted to point them out again, that you don’t miss any of these.

  1. opvizor Health Analyzer up to 10 ESXi Hosts within 1 vCenter – $250/month
  2. opvizor Health Analyzer up to 50 ESXi Hosts, multiple vCenters – $599/month
  3. opvizor Snapwatcher includes 3 year maintenance and support per named user – $199

As these are promotion rates please understand that these are only available when paying with credit card directly in our shop.

No matter if you just want to do a short Health check of your environment, you’re in the process of deciding between VMware vSphere and Hyper-V, you need a certain report or like most customers you want to use our solution continuously to secure and protect your vSphere environment we enable all of these options now.

Little hint – are you in trouble because of the ending Windows 2003 Server Support or aren’t you 100% sure? You can easy use our offer to check for Windows 2003 Guests and their configuration and export your results as HTML, PDF or CSV.

If you need more information or help regarding other options please contact our sales team or just chat with us! We’re are always more than happy to help and support!

Of course you can test both Snapwatcher and Health Analyzer without any obligation before moving forward with a commercial license.


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