Codenotary immudb has been listed on the Chainstack marketplace to speed up the immudb deployment or to extend your existing Chainstack basd nodes.


The immudb listing can be found here: Chainstack marketplace

immudb is the blazing-fast and lightweight immutable key/value database to store sensitive data in a tamperproof manner. Able to process millions of write transactions per second, it is, therefore, able to track changes in any transactional system. Immudb avoids the complexity, expense, and low-thruput that plagues public blockchains by providing an indelible append-only ledger with cryptographic SHA256 verification.

immudb is open source and very easy to integrate using gRPC, language bindings for Java, Python, node.js, .NET and Go, or thru a REST API Gateway. Immudb runs on Linux, FreeBSD, Windows and macOS, on-premise or in the cloud.

The Chainstack Marketplace

Chainstack announced new service enhancements and support for its flagship managed blockchain services platform, and Chainstack Marketplace – a complete list of applications, complementary services and development tools designed to help enterprises and developers launch and scale decentralized solutions with reduced time, effort and cost.

By being both protocol and cloud agnostic, the Chainstack platform makes any blockchain implementation easy, simple, robust and reliable for enterprises and developers, enabling them to take full advantage of what blockchain technology has to offer in areas of decentralization, security, transparency and immutability. With the managed blockchain services infrastructure powered by Chainstack, blockchain nodes, networks and applications can be deployed across multiple projects with hybrid configurations in minutes rather than weeks, all from a single platform.

The enhanced version of Chainstack enables developers and enterprises to programmatically create, scale and manage projects, networks, nodes, services, identities and applications, as well as automate testing and delivery of solutions, through its robust platform API. Partners can also interact with Chainstack’s orchestration API to seamlessly manage blockchain deployments from their own platforms, allowing them to programmatically operate and scale their networks.

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