Catch immudb at FOSDEM 22 this Saturday!

Join our very own Bartłomiej Święcki as he presents his talk Don’t trust us, trust the math behind immudb, how immudb protects safety critical data with math and cryptography at FOSDEM 22 this Saturday at 11am CET (UTC+1) in the Safety and Open Source dev room.

Immutability is a powerful concept. Without it we wouldn’t be able to rely on bank transactions, medical records or even some of our private data. And we usually take for granted that our data is safe somewhere out there in the “cloud”. But is it? There are well-known multi-billion dollar stories where attackers were able to break into well-secured systems and modify data stored in databases.

What if there was a way to protect the immutability with math? What if any attempt of historical data manipulation could easily be detected? In this talk I’ll share how we do it in immudb – a new database built on a zero-trust model.

Hope to see you there!


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