If you’re like most developers, you read the blogs and start to think you’re way, way, way behind the times. You don’t yet have a big data analytics initiative and you haven’t started using DevOps. Though you’re ashamed to admit it at the trade shows and holiday parties, you haven’t even started to develop a mobile strategy, let alone implement one.

But are you really alone? Is it possible that most other developers are just as behind as you are; they just don’t own up to it (hey, who can blame them)? The reality is that just 20 percent of businesses had already implemented some mobile application as 2015 wound to a close. However, just because you aren’t behind yet doesn’t mean that you can linger much longer. Sixty-three percent of businesses have plans to ramp up a mobile strategy within the next year, which means that 2016 is your last chance to remain competitive. Just relax in knowing that it will be worth your while. Businesses report about a 150 percent ROI.

Why Businesses Lag With Mobile

VMware Developers

If you haven’t started a mobile initiative, you aren’t as behind as you think. Yet. But that will soon change.

What’s holding businesses back when it comes to initiating mobile apps? Here are a few of the most common reasons cited:

  • A lack of adequate infrastructure
  • Putting off rebuilding critical and legacy applications to work with mobile
  • Lacking the know-how to secure a mobile infrastructure

Does this sound like your organization? If so, relax. Here are the steps you can take to get your business on track to remain competitive in the age of mobile.

What You Can Do to Get Mobile Up & Running in Your Workplace

Mobile Workforce

vCloud Air is ideal for supplying the infrastructure and security needed to safely and reliably set up mobile apps in the cloud.

The first thing that can be helpful in getting a mobile initiative off the ground is the right infrastructure. You’ll need to boost network and storage capacities to accommodate the additional traffic that mobile brings, and the infrastructure will have to be compatible with your mobile platform(s). This means cloud.

Cloud resources are ideal for powering the demands of mobile. For VMware developers, this means taking advantage of vCloud Air. In the enterprise, where the business typically opts for using its own equipment and resources to maintain control over their IT environment, Back End as a Service (BaaS) is ideal. For vCloud Air users, there are excellent BaaS options to choose from, including:

  • Pivotal
  • Kinvey
  • OutSystems
  • Critterism
  • StrongLoop
  • Appcelerator
  • Sencha
  • Slalom
  • and VMware’s own solution, AirWatch

vCloud Air offers a strong, proven infrastructure, as well as enterprise-grade security, which answers most of the questions businesses have about adding mobile capabilities and moving data and applications to the cloud.

Now, all that’s left to do is to determine  what kind of mobile app is best suited to your business  needs and goals. Some companies offer customer-facing apps, while others leverage mobile for powering their workforce. A number of innovative institutions are able to successfully do both.Of course, if you are using VMware to get your mobile initiative underway, you will need to add capabilities for monitoring VMware. That’s where Health Analyzer comes in. You can sign up for Health Analyzer here at Opvizor today.

Happy mobilizing for mobile!


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