Amid predictions for the World Series winner, who’s going to Super Bowl ;-), and what comic book superheroes will be turned into blockbuster movies next year, it’s time to dust off the crystal ball and see what the future of VMware holds. Are you ready for some VMware Predictions?

1. VMware Horizon Will Catch Up to Citrix Xen Desktop/Xen App This Year

VMware predictions

VMware is poised for strong market share gains around the world next year.

Numerous large companies are planning to migrate off of Citrix Xen Desktop and switch to VMware as soon as it’s time for them to upgrade. The key is: when will that be? It’s probably going to happen sometime in 2016, but since large enterprises tend to do that stuff just once every 3-5 years, it’s hard to pinpoint an exact time. While this does speak to the things that VMware is doing right, it probably has even more to say about what Citrix has done wrong. Most of the media buzz isn’t about bringing Linux to the table (more on this later) or other Citrix innovations, but instead about everything they’ve goofed up as of late. VMware stands to capitalize on this soon, and with a strong record of recent improvements, can likely garner a significant portion of the market share to close out 2016.

2. VMware Will Become a Bigger Player in Businesses Across Asia Pacific

VMware just recently announced that they are centralizing their business mobility sales to provide a more holistic approach to IT management in the rapidly growing Asia Pacific market. This is expected to be a $24 billion market within the next year. Keep your eye out for even more growth and development as these huge markets with highly technical innovators join the ranks of the VMware universe.

3. Linux (Finally) Makes It to the (Virtual) Desktop (No, Really!)

Every year, it’s the same, old tired prediction: Linux finally makes its way to the desktop. Well, this is the year it actually happens. However, it’s not yet moving to the desktop, just the virtual desktop. Now that Citrix has done it, it shouldn’t be too long before VMware follows suit, though that might not be in 2016. The market is ripe, though. Users are growing increasingly tired of Microsoft’s draconian ways — "You took away XP, you brute!" and "What the heck are we supposed to do with this Windows 8 atrocity?" — just to name a couple. Apple is just too expensive, especially in an economy that has businesses scared to spend $2 that isn’t absolutely essential. If Linux is able to break into the virtual desktop market, it’s only a matter of time until it can join the ranks of mainstream desktop experiences.

4. VMware Monitoring Solutions Get Better

VMware monitoring solutions

Are you looking for a better way to monitor your VMware environment? Look no further, your bright future is here.

Oh, wait! That VMware Prediction has already happened. Visit Opvizor today to get the latest and greatest in VMware monitoring solutions to keep pace with your virtual environments as we welcome 2016.

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