Partnership with Altea Federation

vChain has announced today a new partnership with Altea Federation of Italy with the aim of offering complete security of sensitive data.

A black swan is a rare and unpredictable event because it falls outside the range of normal human expectations. It is no coincidence that the Covid-19 pandemic is often associated with this concept, a formula coined to describe how the improbable governs our lives.

Today, more than ever, the issue of information security is the top priority in organizations looking to the future. The partnership agreement on the Italian market between vChain Inc. the Altea Federation Group was created precisely to give concrete support to companies and ensure that they manage “hacker-proof” sensitive data.

The partnership kicks off the distribution of the Codenotary Ledger Compliance platform in Italy, with the aim of providing companies with a solution for the integrity of corporate data and tamper-proof development processes. Codenotary Ledger Compliance in the new version 2.1 allows to record transactions in its immutable database and to cryptographically verify their integrity at each operation.
The new version achieves a processing speed of 10 million transactions per second and supports major programming languages ​​such as Java, Python, node.js, .NET a Go.

Codenotary Ledger Compliance eliminates the complexity traditionally associated with blockchain technologies and enables developers to build a new generation of applications based on immutability and integrity, both on-premise and in the cloud.

This new partnership with vChain increases the quality of the service offered by the Altea Federation Group: another important international partner that enters our distribution system to be able to give more and more precise and concrete answers to our customers“, explains Andrea Ruscica, founder and president of the Altea Federation Group. “Signing this agreement after the phase of disruption we have experienced (and which in some ways we are still experiencing) is an important signal because the use of innovation and technologies are an important boost to change and recovery”.

In today’s digital economy, companies always aim to ensure that their sensitive data has not been compromised. Having control over your digital assets means being able to guarantee and demonstrate the authenticity and reliability of transactional data, development environments, and flows exchanged with your trading partners at any time. The Codenotary Ledger Compliance ™ platform, based on the revolutionary immutable immudb database, cryptographically ensures that structured data is written indelibly and tamper-proof. ”comments Moshe Bar, CEO of vChain. “We are thrilled to be able to collaborate with Altea Federation in Italy and bring together a complete offer on the market that combines their experience and expertise in digital transformation and cybersecurity with Codenotary’s ability to ensure that every digital process, data and transaction cannot never be compromised or manipulated.

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