6 Top VMware Tips & Tricks for the New Year

What new VMware products and features can you add to your arsenal this year? Here’s a peek at the top tips and tricks to make virtualization easier than ever.

1. VMware for SMBs

VMware isn’t just for large enterprises. Increasingly, they are rolling out products and features to make it easier for IT to utilize these powerful virtualization tools in the small- to mid-size business.

Until recently, VMware was primarily an enterprise and large organization thing. But VMware has put considerable effort into making their products useful, efficient, and effective in the small- to mid-size business, as well. The virtualization tools, containerization technologies, and other solutions offered by VMware are useful to all size businesses. For example, the vSphere Essentials kit scales readily for the strong growth experienced by SMBs. Similarly, it offers SMBs a choice in whether to opt for a virtualized infrastructure or to choose a cloud-based infrastructure.


Though it took awhile for VMware’s partners to jump on board, EVO: RAIL is finally gaining speed. It enables an entire suite of software-defined services, including the EVO: RAIL engine and vCenter Server. From the hardware perspective, EVO: RAIL appliances provide four independent servers with dual processors and two 10GB Ethernet ports. It comes with three years of support for both the hardware and the software, and also includes VSAN within its software stack.

3. VMware vSphere 6

vSphere 6 comes packed with 650 new features. Among these are Virtual Volumes and long-distance vMotion, and upgrades to its existing software features, such as VMware Web Client. You can learn more about installing and using vSphere 6 at Opvizor.

4. VMware Certifications

VMware Tips & Tricks

The updated and upgraded certification process makes it more affordable to get VMware certified and it represents a broader skills set than previous certification programs.

The VMware Certified Advanced Professional tracks have been replaced with the VMware Certified Certification Implementation Expert certification. Certifications are an excellent way both to break into an IT career and to advance above your current position and pay grade. The changes to the VMware certification process are designed to make it more worthwhile to pursue advanced learning opportunities. The certifications are now more affordable and represent a broader set of skills than the previous process.

5. vSphere Integrated Containers

Following the lead of the popular Docker containerization product, VMware has released its own container solution, vSphere Integrated Containers. This technology establishes an environment in which to deploy and manage lightweight Virtual Machines, adding flexibility and scalability. The new product allows users to manage Integrated Containers using vSphere Web Client and to enable Instant Clone technology, which helps to prevent cross-communicating among containers in order to prevent malware and crashes.

6. vRealize Orchestrator

vRealize Orchestrator helps manage multi-cloud workloads. It’s highly visual, making it much easier to design workflows without in-depth scripting knowledge. Abbreviated VRO, this product also packs some features like linked clone technology and the power to create a snapshot off of an existing snapshot. The snapshot can then be cloned itself. VRO also comes with excellent documentation to help get you started.

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