3 Experts Give Their Ideas & Insight on VMware VSAN and Hyper-Convergence

Hyper-Convergence is the practice of combining the storage and compute features of an application into the same chassis. The premise behind Hyper-Convergence is that it will be easier to scale up operations. Not surprisingly, it’s been a hotly debated subject, some advocating the usefulness of Hyper-Convergence, others warning of the dire consequences (much like anything related to virtualization and/or cloud). VMware is among the frontrunners in the arena of Hyper-Convergence. What do the VMware experts think? Let’s take a look.

Each VMware expert was asked the same two-part question by VMware Hub:

"In the next one to three years, do you see Hyper-Converged technologies such as VMware VSAN becoming mainstream? If so, what do you see as the primary benefit and use case for businesses looking to adopt this technology?"

Bilal Hashmi, Blogger for Cloud-Buddy.com:

Ask an Expert - VMware VSAN

Several vExperts weighed in on this question by VMware Hub. Learn what each has to say about the trend and future of Hyper-Convergence.

"In my opinion, hyper-converged solutions add a lot of value. Perhaps at first they were looked upon as not so much like production running solutions, but as of today I see them running all over the place. With the addition of VSAN and its simplicity in deploying, and most importantly managing, I can see this picking up even faster than before. With stretched metro clusters, VSAN essentially delivers replication across sites which only used to be an option for customers who could pay the big bucks. I think VSAN delivers enterprise type solutions to customers of all sizes at an affordable cost. The technology is obviously great, the question is will businesses adapt to it? I feel at that price point and the simplicity in deploying/managing it, VSAN will really make hyper-converged the new norm."

Wojciech Marusiak of Wojcieh.net

"I don’t believe that Hyper-Converged technologies will become mainstream – Hyper-Convergence is mainstream already! I do believe that companies who will not turn their focus from being silo oriented to being virtual machine/application focused, will simply not exist or lose their markets dramatically in coming years. From my personal experience and from discussions with customers, I see more and more interest towards shifting the approach to this new way of doing IT – even for larger and more ‘Traditional-IT’ customers.

Primary benefits for Customers and their Business is spending less time on keeping the lights up’ in their environment and spending more time on delivering solutions to users. Those users don’t care how underlying infrastructure works until it does what it supposed to do in a reliable and elegant manner. Having the possibility of developing new solutions in faster and easier way brings Hyper-Converged customers advantages over competitors, thus winning the battle in the market."

Andrea Mauro, vExpert and VMUG CloudOps SIG Leader

Ask an expert - Future Technology

Some of the experts think Hyper-Convergence is the way of the future. Others disagree. Only the future knows for sure.

"Sure, hyper-converged solutions are becoming more and more common not only in 2nd tiers, but also in business critical applications (see, for example, recent certification of Oracle or SAP).

Anyway I don’t consider this trend as a ‘killer application’, because ‘centralized storage’ will remain, mostly becoming AFA (or, at least, hybrid) and more VM centric (for this Virtual Volumes, when it becomes more mature, will be a good driver, in the VMware ecosystem). For Business the primary benefit is related to the ‘building block’ approach: the predictability of workload capacity and performance (that can simplify the design), but also the speed and the simplicity of the deployment phase."

Don´t miss the opinion of Ricky El-Qasem, Vladan Seget and many more great VMware vExperts:

Read what other vExperts have to say on this topic.

What are your thoughts on Hyper Conversion?

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