Month: March 2021


A few weeks ago the developers of the famous Home Assistant project reached out to us if we would work with them to secure their build and deployment process. As an Open Source company ourselves, we immediately said yes, granted them a full license, activated the organization, and supported the development team. For Home Assistant security …

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It can be so easy to store syslog data immutable using the immudb database. You only need a few lines of bash scripting and all log lines are automatically tracked in a tamper-proof way. Watch the full video here:


Cryptographically verifiable elections using immudb and Golang Valentin, one of our engineers started a nice side project to show the possibilities of immudb. His goal is to showcase a website that provides a secure way for elections. Powered by immudb The main feature is that the voting platform built on immudb is automatically verified by …

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