Month: December 2020


Ultimate connectivity for immudb with immugw API’s play a crucial role to overcome the frontiers of niche programming languages and heterogeneous information systems. Luckily there is one protocol almost every system understands: HTTP. The SDKs, immuclient, and immuadmin are communicating over gRPC and mTLS Authentication directly with immudb. Immugw is a middleware that translates REST …

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v0.9.0 Release Candidate 2 is out. The next release candidate of immudb 0.9.0 that integrates our new embeddable cryptographic-proof storage engine is available. v0.9.0 is 7 times faster data writes than the former version 0.8.0 and instant cryptographic proof! Here are the changes since Release Candidate 1: Changelog Bug Fixes cmd/immuadmin/command: fix unit tests cmd/immuclient: …

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Release v0.9.0 – parallel notarizations, wildcard support, Ledger Compliance support We’re more than happy to announce the v0.9.0 release of vcn. The latest news around the Solarwinds hack and the addition of malicious code to software updates (incl. valid code signing) shows again the importance of solid alternatives to digital signatures. This release adds: parallel …

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